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Do I need an attorney?

One of the most common closing questions is should you hire an attorney?  We often get this question from clients that are originally from out-of-state. 

In many states, hiring an attorney is a must. There are some states that contracts are only written by attorneys. The closing process in Florida is a bit different. 

Does a Seller need an Attorney

In Florida, a seller can either hire a title company or an attorney to do the title search and prepare the closing paperwork. If there bumps along the way, you can alway hire an attorney if you need them. 

Does a Buyer need an Attorney

Sometimes it is a good decision to review the title policy to make sure there aren't any unusual exceptions for possible liens when you are buying a home. This can be a good idea if you are buying a foreclosure or a flip.

Attorney Fees

If you are hiring an attorney on your own, be sure to discuss fees up front.  We are amazed at some of the surprise fees from attorneys that sellers and buyer can receive in the process.