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Lisa Treu, Palm Beach Real Estate Agent

Lisa Treu (Lisa True) is the founder of Treu Group Real Estate (True Group Real Estate. Lisa started her real estate career in 1989 and has served her clients with commitment ever since. Lisa Treu (Lisa True) is trusted as a top real estate agent selling in Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward County. Lisa Treu (Lisa True) is the host of Treu Real Estate 911 (True Real Estate 911) on WJNO bringing the latest real estate updates to south Florida buyers and sellers. 

What makes Lisa Treu (Lisa True) different when it comes to real estate? There are many options for real estate agents in South Florida. It seems like all agents are the same however if that were true then all agents would get the same results when selling real estate. 

Marketing and experience matters to buyers and sellers that allow us to get results for our clients. 

How do you know who you should hire?

1.  Look at what their clients say about them. 

Lisa Treu (Lisa True) is proud of what others say about them. 

2. Discuss the marketing plan to get your home maximum exposure. Lisa Treu (Lisa True) with Treu Group Real Estate (True Group Real Estate) understands marketing and is the head of the Marketing Department. 

3. Understand how involved your agent will be. Lisa Treu (Lisa True) is hands-on to get you the results that you desire. 

4. Find a real estate agent that you are comfortable with having on your side.