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The real estate inventory for this month show increases in overall health of the residential sector.  And the overall sales for single-family homes in Florida in June is the same as last year in 2018. Low mortgage rates with home prices easing due to high volume of inventory that implied the best time for buyers to enter the market which they can choose varieties of affordable housing.

$250,000-299,999 price range - 2.71 months of inventory (Seller's market)

$300,000-399,999 price range - 3.07 months of inventory (Seller's market)

$400,000-599,999 price range - 4.37 months of inventory (Seller's market)

$600,000-999,999 price range - 7.15 months (Buyer's market)

$1,000,000 or more - 13.49 months (Strong Buyer's market)

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