Palm Beach Real Estate Market Statistics

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2018 has been a very productive and busy year for real estate sales across the United States, especially in Florida. There are several places that has seen a considerable amount of importance of growth in home values, while others show a slower growth. Luckily in Palm Beach County, real estate values steadily increased this month. 

How we monitor the real estate market depends on where the property is located and what price range you are seeking to buy or sell. The results vary depending on your target price range. The increase of the median price continues which benefits the sellers more than the buyers. This results in tenants are being unsure of what to do with the concern over the increase of rental and interest rates. 

$250,000-299,999 price range - 3.62 months of inventory (Seller's market)

$300,000-399,999 price range - 4.36 months of inventory (Seller's market)

$400,000-599,999 price range - 6.22 months of inventory (Neutral market)

$600,000-999,999 price range - 8.63 months (Strong Buyer's market)

$1,000,000 or more - 22.78 months (Strong Buyer's market)

So, what’s the best next step that you need to take when buying or selling a home in Palm Beach County? Let the Treu Group Real Estate guide you in every step of the way and help you understand the real estate market. 

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