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Exterior Projects that Provide the Greatest Return

Exterior Projects that Provide the Greatest Return

Are you deciding what outdoor renovations or projects you should do to your home? Well think long term, if you are eventually going to sell your home what renovations will hold their value and give you the greatest return? Take these suggestions into consideration when you are thinking to improve your yard. You want your house to sell for the most so put in the renovations that will allow you to do so. 

As you can see most projects lose their value overtime. Choose the renovations that you feel will be best for your house and that will benefit you in the long run. 


Today's Forecast: Sunny With Lower Taxes

Today’s Forecast: Sunny with Lower Taxes

If you’re one of the millions of adults preparing for retirement, I have good news: Florida is still beautiful, and the tax rates are lower than the Northeast. You’ve made your fortune in the North, now it’s time to preserve and enjoy it here in the South.

As decisions are made regarding estate planning, healthcare, etc. there are several considerations that should take priority related to your real estate holdings:

1. Do you currently own property where you want to retire?
2. Do you intend on retaining ownership of your current property(s) through retirement?
3. Is the master bedroom in your current property(s) on the first floor? (spry now achy later!)
4. Do you want to live in a community or isolated suburb?
5. What type of lifestyle and corresponding...

Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips

If you're thinking of selling there are many ways to prepare with staging so you maximize the equity from your home. It doesn't have to take a huge budget to make a big impact. Sometimes we all need a few tricks up our sleeve, ways to make our homes look stylish on a budget, right? Fortunately, there are ways – even on a budget.

Here, you will discover the simplest and least expensive home staging tips to make your home look stylish.

Remove all clutter

Get rid of all the clutter in your home. Either throw it away or store it neatly out of sight. All floors and surfaces should be clutter-free, while cabinets and closets should be neatly organized. If they are packed full buyers will think the house is too small.   

Paint the walls

Give walls a fresh look with new paint and go for warm,...

Benefits of Buying a Home

Benefits of Buying A Home

Are you on the fence between whether to rent again or buy your first home? Well, think about homeownership. Building equity for yourself instead of your landlord is a strong reason for many to buy. It also allows you to predict your expenses instead of having your rent increase or even worse, having to move unexpectantly. Owning a home means putting down roots and building a space that is truly yours. It is a remarkable moment of your life when you finally own a home. It also allows you to feel a sense of stability because you can stay in your home as long as you want.

Here are more things you may want to consider when you decide what to do next.

It turns out,  homeownership has more benefits than just the financial:

Benefits of Buying a Home

Homeownership is something...

How Will You Celebrate July 4th?

I just love the 4th of July. It is time to see where you are going to celebrate in Palm Beach County. 

This year the City of West Palm Beach will celebrate on Flager in the biggest free event in South Florida. The event goes from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm along the West Palm Beach Waterfront. This event as it is the 30th year anniversary of the 4th on Flagler. Celebrations will include live performances from your favorite local and regional acts on three stages, a military honor ceremony, larger-than-life versions of games like Human Foosball, Life-sized Jenga and Pong.  And new this year, an air-conditioned arcade! All activities are free and the kids are sure to have a blast. To top it off the night will end with an 18 minute firework show over the Intracoastal Waterway! 

Come and enjoy the 4th on Flagler...

Is it time for school to start yet?

Are you hearing "I am bored yet"? It is only natural to count the days until school starts so we want to help with some ideas to help pass the time and more importantly create some memories.

We are lucky to live where others visit and there is something for everyone and every budget. There is no excuse not to have a great summer. 

Here are a few of our favorite places and things to do:

Ways to cool off:

Head to the beach:

There are so many beaches to choose from depending on what you want to experience on your beach day. Are you looking to play ball, go out on a hobie cat, play volleyball or even learn to kite surf? Then Delray Beach might be the perfect spot for you. You can also enjoy a bite to eat at popular places like Burger Fi, Sandwiches by the Sea, Boston's...

Is it a good idea to sell or rent your home?

If you are ready to move to a new home, a common question to ask is whether you should sell or rent your current home. There isn't a right answer, it depends on your situation. Here are some things to consider:

1. What are your expenses for the home versus what you can rent you can receive for the home? Take  a look at your expenses including any mortgages, taxes, association fees and insurance.

2. Is your home currently homesteaded? If that is the case, you need to factor in that once you move out, the homestead extension will expire and the taxes will increase. The increase could be substantial depending on how long you have owned your home.

3. How will you handle if there are needed repairs? Will you be able to financially handle the additional expenses? Will you be ok getting calls from the tenant that something has stopped working (including...

Where do I begin when I need to probate an estate?

Are you facing probate and wonder where to begin? 

What is probate anyway and do I need to do it? Probate is the process how property and assets and creditors' claims are resolved. This is needed unless there has been a special deed prepared in advance or a trust is in place. 

This is a very challenging time of life and many wonder where to start. There are many challenges that family members face when they have lost a loved one.  

When is probate not necessary? 

1. When assets are in a trust.
2. When property is passed by contract (IRA's, insurance, pensions, etc)
3. When a property is held in joint tenancy or is a spousal property. 

Top Challenges That Families Face:

1.  Dealing with the emotions while you are making financial decisions.
2.  Conflict...

You've decided to buy. What do you need to know?

For Blog You've decided to buy. What do you need to know?

You have decided to buy a home. We have seen many challenges that have caused issues from the offer to the closing table. What are the tips that will make your home buying successful? 

1. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a pre-approval that will be help your offer stand out. Aren't they all the same? Not even close. In the case of multiple offers, the lender can be the deciding factor. Many buyers thing they have a pre-approval however they have only been pre-qualified. This is a fatal mistake. 

2.  Once you are pre-approved, be sure to not make any changes that will cause you to lose your approval. Yes you can lose your ability to get your loan. What could cause this to happen? Here are just a few changes that could be an issue:  changing your job, missing payments, opening...

How do you get the most for your home when selling?

How do you get the most for your home when selling?

How do you get the most for your home when selling?

The first thing that sellers think is if they want more money for their home they need to list it at a higher price. The second thing that they think is that they need to save money on the commission. Have you thought this? It is ok you are not alone. I would like to share with you that this is not the case. The two are mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars or a sale.

Mistake #1 - Over pricing a home causes buyers to choose other well priced homes. When this happens, the time on the market increases and then buyers wonder what is wrong with the home. Most of the time, there is nothing wrong. The price was just missed. So what should be the pricing strategy? Hitting the sweat spot. That is pricing that will encourage buyers to get excited...