2018 Profile of International Residential Real Estate Activity

Florida's 2018 Profile International Real Estate Update

International Top Florida Cities

What is the international real estate market doing in 2018? South Florida is such a popular place for buyers from all over the world and the global impact is felt when there are changes.  International buyers accounted for 19% of all real estate transactions in Florida based upon dollar volume. This number is down from  21% last year. International buyers state that increased prices, lack of inventory and changes in the exchange rate are a few reasons that they have decided not to purchase a Florida home. 

What areas are the most popular for international buyers in Florida? South Florida (Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach) received 54% of all international transactions. Is that a shock? Not really as we have ease of travel, estate properties to select from and plenty to enjoy here. The Orlando area received 9% of the international buyers. Again this makes sense with an International airport and Disney World too. Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater had 9% of the international activity.

Impact of the International Buyer

Foreign buyers purchased homes 20% more than the median price of a Florida home. They have a large impact on luxury homes as many desire estate homes or unique properties. 

67% of foreign buyers paid cash. 

68% of foreign buyers reside in another country.  36% of foreign buyers are from Latin America or the Caribbean, 22% are from Canada, 19% are from Europe and 11% are from Asia. 

A little more than half of foreign buyers prefer condos and townhomes versus single family homes. This is due to ease of maintenance and care while away. 

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