5 Ways to Stage Your Single-Family Home

5 ways to Stage Your Home

If you are selling a home, staging can make the buyer fall in love both online and in person. With the correct staging, it allows the buyer to see the best features of the home as well as see how they could make this their home. 

5 Tips to Staging a Home 

1. Arrange Furniture

Look at the way the rooms and furniture are arranged. The right use of furniture allows the buyer to see the space and best use of the room. If you have too much furniture, go ahead and remove it before showings take place. 

2. Use compleenting home decor

Items like throw pillows, candles, flowers and mirrors can make a house a home. These minor details can really make a big difference!

3. Clean, clean, clean...and organize!

A clean and organized house will always look and feel more spacious than a cluttered one. Especially if you have pets, make sure that all carpets and rugs have been thoroughly cleaned. Remember the window too as it allows the light to shine inside. 

4. Declutter

Reduce your personal items to one-third of what you had in each room before listing the home. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in the house, and too many personal items can be distracting.

5. Make your home smell great

Aside from a fresh look, fresh smell also matters. Use a reed diffuser, air fresheners or candles to make your home smell great. Vanilla is a popular scent. 

By putting in a little effort you will allow the buyers to visualize the property at it's best. 

And help raise the dollar value

A well organized and staged room will help buyers visualize where furnitures should go, and what will fit in the space. Additionally, an experienced Realtor will consider the condition of your house, market statistics, and local valuation to determine what amount of staging would be most helpful. 

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