Being Ready to Show

Being Ready to Show 

Selling Your Home: How To Prepare For A Home Showing

One of the challenges when selling a home is that you need to be ready to show with little notice. It is important to be ready for showings with easy access to allow for the most buyers to view as possible. 

If we believe "Reality" tv, homes are always beautifully staged and ready at all times. What is typical is that homes are more lived-in so it causes stress for sellers when the phone rings about an upcoming showing.

Tips to be Ready

  1. Plan in Advance - Preparation makes it easier to deal with showings. Move non-essential items to a storage unit, to not only create visual appeal but make it easier to clean quickly. Minimize the items that you can live without during the home selling process.
  2. Containers can be your Best Helper– A simple way to quickly eliminate toys, clothes, shoes, sports equipment, and other items is storage bins. Keep some handy to throw excess items into before a buyer shows up, and move them to the garage or basement, or even the back of a vehicle.
  3. All Hands on Deck - Get everyone in the house involved in establishing a daily routine. The less clutter that accumulates, the easier it is to move out of sight quickly. All family members should have morning and evening duties to keep the home tidy. If things are kept up on a daily basis, it will make the clutter and mess less overwhelming. Unfortunately, your life doesn’t stop just because you’ve listed your home for sale. Keep it show-ready by preparing in advance, so those last-minute buyers can see your home’s charm and not the day’s clutter

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