Buyers are Facing Challenges....What is the answer?

Buyers are facing challenges however there is a solution

Half of all buyers have been attempting to find a home for over 3 months. That can be frustrating when you are ready to find your new home. 55% of buyers think the solution is just to wait. 34% of those strugging to buy a home are willing to expand their search to other areas and 24% are willing to change the property size or type that they are looking to purchase. 

Does it have to be that way?  Buying a home requires a strategy and a proven plan that gets buyers what they want. Here is a way to get results.

Steps to get results:

1. Start with a consultation with a buyer's agent. A buyer's agent makes a huge difference. Having an agent that specializes in working and representing buyers makes a big difference. Did you know that the seller pays your agent? One of the most common things that we see is that buyers think that all agents represent them. Would you be surprised that most represent the transaction?  You might be saying so what? Think of it this way, if you were going to court would you want someone on your side or just looking for a solution. Check out this information on the difference between a transaction and buyer's agent.

2. Have a strong team put together. Many times in multiple offers, the lender is the tipping point. We have the best lender that can help you combat the cash is King mentality.

3. Understand what the real estate market is really doing. What is possible? Are your expectations realistic?

4. When you find the right property, move fast. Thinking about it often causes you to lose your home. Be strategic with the offer. If you would pay more, then consider making a great offer to begin with as you don't always get a 2nd chance. 

Are you ready to buy your home? Call us to set a time to meet so we can help you be a new homeowner. 

What is for sale? See all homes for sale in real time like an agent. 

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