Buying is Easy...Right?

Buying a Home in South Florida is Easy...Right?

Are you from California or maybe in the Northeast and you are thinking of buying your new Florida home? You may be thinking to just look up online and buying a home is just gonna be easy...right? Buying a home is not easy right now. Why? Nearly a thousand people a day are coming and moving to Florida right now for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that many people moving up buying right in Florida because of the current record-low interest rates that really impacted our affordability.

Why is it not easy right now?

The reality is that fewer homes are coming on the market every single week than there are buyers looking for homes to buy in South Florida. Most people obviously want a great property in Palm Beach County. These great properties usually have a pool, a home office, a great kitchen. Those properties are having multiple offers and selling fast. Many real estate sites like Zillow,, etc. usually have a delay so by the time you see them, the agents have already seen the home first or made their showings with their buyers.

Why do you need a Buyer's Agent?

Very few people realize that not all real estate agents are buyer's agents. A buyer's agent represents the buyer. In Treu Group Real Estate, we believe that you deserve somebody looking out for you. Is that expensive? - No it's not. Most people don't know that it's actually the seller pays the buyer's agent real estate commission in almost 100% of the cases.

If you want to increase your success in buying a home in South Florida, Treu Group Real Estate can help you buy your dream home and help you win in multiple offers. If you're in California or from the Northeast, come on over! You're going to love living in Palm Beach County. Leave the cold and trade your winter boots with sandals! If you're a local from Palm Beach County, let's get your new dream home.

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