Buying a Home

Why It Makes Sense to Buy Instead of Rent

Does It Make Sense to Buy?

Top Reasons to Buy

If you’re currently renting and have dreams of owning your own home, it may be a good time to think about your next move. With rent costs rising annually and Zero or low down loan programs homeownership may be closer than you realize.

According to the 2018 Bank of America Homebuyer Insights Report, 74% of renters plan on buying within the next 5 years, and 38% are planning to buy within the next 2 years.

When those same renters were asked why they disliked renting, 52% said rising rental costs were their top reason. The results of the...

When is the Right Time to Upgrade your Home?

Is It Time for a Luxury Home?

The luxury real estate market across most places in the US have transitioned to a buyer's market. That is true in Palm Beach County too. Homes priced at the top 25% of the price range for a particular area of the country are considered “luxury homes.” In today’s real estate market, there are deals to be had at the higher end! You will find many opportunities. This is great news for homeowners wanting to upgrade from their current house.

Much of the demand for housing over the past couple of years has come from first-time buyers looking for their starter home. With growing inventory in the highter price ranges, buyers are enjoying more options and less demand. 

According to ILHM’s ...

Flip or Flop?

Questions to Ask When Flipping a House

There are a wide variety of ways to invest in real estate; To be successful in real estate investing, it’s critical that you identify what skills you have and your tolerance for risk. Flipping homes is one of these ways, but not every investor is prepared for what house flipping involves. Understanding the model can help you determine if this is the right investment strategy for you. Investors can make great profits by both flipping properties.

What kind of income are you seeking, active or passive?

Actively buying, fixing and flipping properties is quick cash that requires careful timing and effort. Rental properties,...

Top 4 Reasons Why Buying is Better than Renting a Home

Benefits to Owning a Home

When does Buying make sense?

There are many reasons that someone should consider buying instead of renting. In Palm Beach County alone, there are over 100,000 renters that would be better off if they purchased their home. Some of the reasons renters don't buy are not based upon fact and it can cost them thousands of dollars longer term.

Top Reasons to Purchase a Home

  1. Owning your own home vs. renting may lead to some great options, such as locking in your monthly housing expenses. You would be able to benefit from lower taxes since you can file for Homestead Exemption and have the Save our Homes savings.
  2. Are you tired of white walls or decorator choices that you don't like? If you are a tenant that is just the way it is as you don't have the right to make changes. When you own, you can make it yours...

How to Qualify for a Home Loan

What I Need to Apply for a Loan

Getting a loan is part of the process for many buyers. It can seem a bit confusing however the right team can make you it easier. Before you start searching for your new home, the first step is to speak with the right lender and determine your budget. Once you find the right home, then your lender will order an appraisal of the property and complete your financing. If this is your first home purchase, or if it’s been a while since you’ve purchased, understanding how to prepare for the qualifying process is the first step to success.

What do I need to qualify for a home loan?

When preparing for your meeting with the lender gather all the pertinent documentation and bring them with you. The lender will want to see 2 months of employment pay stubs and bank records as well the past 2 years of tax...

Top Reasons Why Millennials Should Buy a Home

Top Reasons to Buy vs Renting

On his personal website, self-made millionaire David Bach makes a striking statement: “Not prioritizing homeownership is the single biggest mistake millennials are making.” 

He further stated, “Buying a home is an escalator to wealth.”

Bach explains:  “Young adults in particular aren’t hopping on this escalator, and it’s a costly mistake…If millennials don’t buy a home, their chances of actually having any wealth in this country are little to none.”

He then elaborates on the game of homeownership:

“Start by crunching the numbers…actually do the math…This way, you’re really clear on your goals and you won’t just...

Tips for Buying of a Fixer Upper

Tips for a Buyer of a Fixer-Upper

Tips for a Buyer of a Fixer Upper

Is a Fixer Upper a Good Idea?

Are you dreaming of making your fixer upper dream come true? You can't turn on a tv without seeing all of the renovation shows. It has created a feeling that everyone should buy and renovate a home. More specifically, they show viewers how to take a fixer upper and turn it from an ugly duckling to a special property that they can call home. It sounds so easy but before you grab a sledge hammer and head out to buy that cheap bankowned building on the corner, there are things to consider.

Are you ready to renovate?

First and foremost, how handy are you really? Fixer-uppers can vary from cosmetic paint and carpet, maybe changing a countertop or fixtures; then there are fixers which have electrical...

New Build - Need an Agent?

New Build, Need an Agent

Top Reasons You Need Your Own Agent When Buying New Construction

Have you ever walked into the model home showroom of a brand new housing development? There is nothing more exciting than the prospect of building a home from scratch and starting absolutely fresh in a new space. You get to pick the colors of the carpet, choose the countertops and flooring and watch as the home goes up. The nice sales people in the showroom are happy to help you through the process, but did you know that you can bring your own real estate agent to represent you? Yes you can and here are the top reasons why you should have your own agent.

? Choose the Right Development – It’s not enough to find a lovely development; understanding the neighborhood and schools play a big part of home values.

? ...

Top Tips for House Hunting Online

Tips for House Hunting Online

Top Tips for House Hunting

Online Hunting for a new home online a is a great place to start your search but keep in mind that you don’t see everything. Real estate agents are great at highlighting the features of a house listing online but to make the most of your time, keep these four things in mind:

Identify your Housing Needs

Preferences are important when house searching. A house may not have everything you want but it will have most of the things. Be realistic about pricing and keep in mind the must-have items that will definitely be needed because this will help narrow your search.

Stay up to Date

When you start your search, make sure you go to sites with up-to-date listings directly from the multiple listing service. Realtors post...

Determining Wants vs. Needs

Wants vs Needs When Buying a Home – Learning the Difference

Determining Wants vs. Needs

One of the first questions that a real estate agent will ask new buyers is, “What do you want in your new home”? It might seem like an easy question to answer but identifying your “wants’ from your “needs” is an important aspect of home seeking.


A need is something that is truly essential to how you and your family live. For instance, if you have a family of four, you truly can’t live in a studio-style apartment; bedrooms become a real need in house hunting. By contrast, while having an acre of land would be nice, do you truly have to have that much space in your yard?

Make a List

One way to focus your thought is to create a list of features and amenities that you would like to have in a new...