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5 Reasons Why Moving To Orlando Is Worth Your Investment

5 Reasons Why Moving To Orlando Is Worth Your Investment

Orlando is a popular location in Central Florida. To some, it is a city full of childhood memories. Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are just a few of the main attractions in Florida, but there is much more about this city than meets the eye. 

According to Zillow research, Orlando ranked first on the top 10 list of best places for homebuyers this winter, based on these three factors:

  • Increased share of homes for sale with a reduced price
  • Increased rent appreciation expected for the next year
  • Increased affordability

We would also say you should look at Orlando due to amazing things to do, ease of travel and great weather. ...

5 Qualities of a Good Neighbor

5 Qualities of a Good Neighbor

One of the most important aspects of a nice living environment is the neighborhood itself. Home buyers can investigate the local schools, parks, and restaurants, but it’s harder to know if they have good neighbors or not until they are actually living in the home. Being a good neighbor is a great way to ensure that you fit into the area well and receive the same kind of respect in return.

  1. Be Friendly but not Overly Familiar – Respect boundaries but always present a smiling, friendly attitude while interacting with your new neighbors.
  2. Respect Quiet Times – Generally accepted quiet times, such as early mornings or late evenings are a given, but be respectful of playing loud music or activities during other times as...

Home Buying Advice

Tips on Buying a Home

Buying a home can be very exciting but it can also be confusing, especially to first time buyers. The truth is that buying a home can be a simple and stress free transaction, if home buyers follow a few simple tips. Having an experienced real estate team on your side can make the difference when buying a home. Here are 5 basic tips to help home buyers navigate the process:

  1. One Step at a Time – Home buying is not a one-time moment but a series of steps. Make decisions as they come, as you move through the process makes buying more managable. 
  2. Start with a Lender – Understanding your financial decision is your first step towards homeownership. Talk to a lender first so you know your parameters and limitations ahead of...

5 Reasons To Stop Renting

Reasons to stop rentingReasons To Stop Renting

Some people may argue that home ownership is overrated, there are plenty of good reasons to stop renting and buy house. And with the present mortgage rates, there has never been a better time to take the plunge. Understandably, owning your property and being responsible for its maintenance can be scary - but this shouldn’t stop you. If you’re nearing the end of your rental lease, here are a few reasons to stop renting.

1. Interest Rates are low

2. Earn Equity - grow wealth - If you are renting, you’re throwing your money away. In reality your rent money is helping your landlord pay off his mortgage, while building up his line of equity. One of the many perks of owning a home is building equity.

3. Low Down payment loans


Tips for Buying a House in the Fall

autumn fall leaf

Tips for Buying a House in the Fall

Surprisingly, fall is a great time to buy a home. There are still homes on the
market which did not sell during the summer months, some at deep discounts. There are also homes newly listed by sellers trying to beat the slower winter months. At the same time, there are fewer buyers out searching, which makes it the perfect time to buy a home.

  • Fall home buyers should be ready to move when they find the right home and at the right price. Get prequalified so that you can jump at the right opportunity.
  • Notice the imperfections. With windy or rainy weather, homes can show their scars. Look for evidence of water intrusion and evaluate the yard debris with the falling leaves. Look at gutters and ceilings for both.
  • Visit the local school. With school in session,...

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make As a Homebuyer

wooden white house and key

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make As a Homebuyer

Buying a home is typically the largest financial transaction most people make in their lifetime. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake, one which could cost you time and money – often a lot of money.

These are some of the most common, and worst, mistakes you can make
when buying a home.

• Not doing your homework in advance – Before you do anything else, do some preliminary research and get a pre-qualification letter before you start shopping for your new home.

• Changing Jobs or Buying Big Items – Once you’ve decided to buy a home, it’s critical not to change your circumstances, such as a new job or large credit card purchase.

• Calling the Listing Agent...

Buyers are Facing Challenges....What is the answer?

Buyers are facing challenges however there is a solution

Half of all buyers have been attempting to find a home for over 3 months. That can be frustrating when you are ready to find your new home. 55% of buyers think the solution is just to wait. 34% of those strugging to buy a home are willing to expand their search to other areas and 24% are willing to change the property size or type that they are looking to purchase. 

Does it have to be that way?  Buying a home requires a strategy and a proven plan that gets buyers what they want. Here is a way to get results.

Steps to get results:

1. Start with a consultation with a buyer's agent. A buyer's agent makes a huge difference. Having an agent that specializes in working and representing buyers makes a big difference. Did you know that the seller pays your agent? One of the most common things...

Benefits of Buying a Home

Benefits of Buying A Home

Are you on the fence between whether to rent again or buy your first home? Well, think about homeownership. Building equity for yourself instead of your landlord is a strong reason for many to buy. It also allows you to predict your expenses instead of having your rent increase or even worse, having to move unexpectantly. Owning a home means putting down roots and building a space that is truly yours. It is a remarkable moment of your life when you finally own a home. It also allows you to feel a sense of stability because you can stay in your home as long as you want.

Here are more things you may want to consider when you decide what to do next.

It turns out,  homeownership has more benefits than just the financial:

Benefits of Buying a Home

Homeownership is something that many of...

You've decided to buy. What do you need to know?

For Blog You've decided to buy. What do you need to know?

You have decided to buy a home. We have seen many challenges that have caused issues from the offer to the closing table. What are the tips that will make your home buying successful? 

1. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a pre-approval that will be help your offer stand out. Aren't they all the same? Not even close. In the case of multiple offers, the lender can be the deciding factor. Many buyers thing they have a pre-approval however they have only been pre-qualified. This is a fatal mistake. 

2.  Once you are pre-approved, be sure to not make any changes that will cause you to lose your approval. Yes you can lose your ability to get your loan. What could cause this to happen? Here are just a few changes that could be an issue:  changing your job, missing payments,...

How do you pick the right community?

Picking the right community and home is important when buying 

Finding the right community

Buying a new home is more than bedrooms and baths. After helping home buyers since 1989 we know that it is about a lifestyle. As many different buyers there are, there is a right property out there for them. 

It is important to have someone on your team that can help you find the right property and the right lifestyle. Our process allows us to understand the picture of the dream property in the client's mind into our mind. How do we do that? We believe it is better to ask our client 50 questions and show them the right 5 homes rather than ask them the basic 5 questions and show them 50 homes. Let's face it, buyers are too busy to look at the wrong properties. 

When buying your dream home, here are few things...