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Record Low Interest Rates are Great for Buyers and Sellers

Record Low-Interest Rates

Record Low-Interest Rates

The record-low interest rates are benefiting buyers, sellers, and current homeowners. The concern over the Coronavirus and global financial impact have created a benefit to real estate transactions at an ideal time. The winter and spring/summer season both are taking advantage of the interest rates improving affordability.  

Are you wondering how you can take advantage of the opportunity? Almost everyone can benefit.

Ways to Benefit from Record Low Rates

  1. Homeowners that have a loan should review if a refinance makes sense. You will want to see what the difference is between your current rate and your new rate, how long you plan to own the home and the cost involved. 
  2. If you own a home, it...

What is Going on with International Buyers?

International Buyers and the Impact on Florida


Global Changes and Real Estate

International buyers sales declined during the past year due to a strong dollar, concern over the global economic outlook and certainly the rising prices. International buyers declined by 30% in Florida. The strength of the US dollar has made the price to purchase a home in the US out of reach for many international buyers.

Even with the decline, Florida real estate is still doing well as US purchaaes increased due to the move from so many in the Northeast. 

Even with the decline, Florida still is a top destination for international buyers. South Florida attracted 53% of the international buyers in 2018-2019. 9% of all Florida purchases included an international...

Will Home Values Drop Anytime Soon?

Are Home Values Dropping?

The Future of Real Estate

With the current uncertainty about the economy, some people are waiting to purchase their first home or move-up to their dream house because they think or hope home prices will drop over the next few years. However, the experts disagree with this perspective.

Here is a table showing the predicted levels of appreciation from six major housing sources:

Real Estate Experts 

Every source believes that home prices will continue to appreciate (albeit at lower levels than we have seen over the last several years). But, not one source is calling for residential real estate values to depreciate....

What International Buyers are Looking for in the Florida Market

International Real Estate

In Florida Realtors®’ report on the state's foreign buyer and seller transactions, they found a small slowdown in international activity in Florida, due mainly to a tight home inventory and rising property values.

The Reason Behind the Slow Down

This was due to competition between foreign and U.S. buyers. The competition was caused by mortgage rates remaining relatively low compared to historic values, and the large supply of buyers, both foreign and domestic, while the number of homes for sale remained relatively small....

Top 3 Busted Real Estate Myths

Top 3 Real Estate Myths 

Understanding Real Estate

It seems you can’t find a headline with the term “housing affordability” without the word “crisis” attached to it. That’s because some only consider the fact that residential real estate prices have continued to appreciate. However, we must realize it’s not just the price of a home that matters, but the price relative to a purchaser’s buying power.

Homes, in most cases, are purchased with a mortgage. The current mortgage rate is a major component of the affordability equation. Mortgage rates have fallen by over a full percentage point since December 2018. Another major piece of the affordability equation is a buyer’s income. The median family income has risen by 3.5% over the last year.


Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Grow Your Home's Equity

Building Wealth with Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the fastest and most secure ways to build wealth. 83% of wealth comes from real estate equity at retirement. There has been a lot of focus on real estate appreciation over the last couple of years. Today, expert projections still forecast continued growth, just at a slower pace. One of the often-overlooked benefits of rising home prices is the positive impact they have on home equity. Let’s break down three ways this is a win for homeowners.

#1 - Real Estate Move-Up Opportunity

The opportunity in the market is the move-up buyer. With the rise in prices, homeowners naturally experience an increase in home equity. Many homeowners can sell in...

Top 5 Real Estate Reality Show Myths Explained

What HGTV Won't Tell You

Real Estate and Reality Shows

If you're like most of the US, you have been watching reality shows causing us to dream of a fixer upper. It is so easy to fall in love with designing homes with shows like “Property Brothers,” “Fixer Upper,” and “Love It or List It,” all in one sitting from the comfort of our couches. 

When you’re in the middle of your real estate-themed TV show marathon, you might start to think everything you see on the screen must be how it works in real life. However, you may need a reality check.

Reality TV Show Myths vs. Real Life:

Myth #1: Buyers look at 3 homes and decide to purchase one of them.

Truth: There may be buyers who fall in love and buy...

Florida is Popular for Out of State Buyers

Out of State Buyers Love Florida

According to the US Census, Florida is a top choice for out of state buyers. There is so much to love about Florida so it doesn't shock us. 

Moving to Florida

Florida had the most buyers with 566,476 people moving from another state within the past year. Next were Texas with 524,511 and California with 523,131.

Are you wondering where the new residents are from? New York lost the most residents to Florida, with 63,722 making Florida home. The second-highest contributor was Georgia with 38,800 in-movers. It is not a suprise that high tax states are looking at Florida due to the financial benefits and the amazing lifestyle that Floridians enjoy. We expect to see many new buyers from the Northeast, Chicago and even California. The sunshine state is ready to welcome you to your new home. 


Tips to Save Money on your Insurance Costs

10 Tips to Save Money on your Insurance Costs

10 Tips to Save Money on Insurance Cost

Insurance is a vital part of property investment. This is considered to be a big part of it which is somehow overlooked by some investors.It is important that you are investing with proper insurance. However, you want to make sure that the amount you pay in insurance costs will not lead to financial hardship. Whether you already own a home or you're still looking for a home, it's important to know the insurance costs .

Here are some helpful tips on how you can save money on your  insurance costs:

1. The newer the home, the lower the premium.

2. Concrete construction...

Real Estate Advice That Can Be Costly

Real Estate Advice You Should Ignore

Costly Mistakes

Buying or selling your home is a big decision. It’s natural to have questions, but how can you tell if the information and advice you receive is accurate to your situation? Not only can you find bad information online but it might come from unexpected sources, like your friends, your family and even your agent.

Here are a few of the costly real estate advice that you should ignore each and every time.

1. You’ll save money if you don’t work with an agent – Both buyers and sellers fall into this trap, but bottom line, a good agent will save both parties money through their market knowledge and negotiation skills.

2. Determining your price by online estimates – Online home value estimates, such as Zillow’s Zestimates, are...