Costly Real Estate Mistakes

Mistakes That Are Costly In Real Estate

Why are there mistakes in Real Estate Industry

There are costly mistakes that the changing reaI estate will no longer forgive. It is still a sellers' market however the prior frenzy market no longer exists. The real estate market has changed and sellers need to adjust quickly.

There is a formula to selling a home and buyers are now demanding that sellers and agents get it right. What is the formula? The right price, expected condition and perfect marketing to attract the right buyers. It is simple...not easy. 

The formula is dependent on both the agent and the owner as each is responsible for decisions of the formula. The homeowner determines the list price and maintains the condition of the home and the real estate agent advises and controls the marketing of the home. The owner and the agent are a team while selling the property. 

There was a recent stat that over 73% of  agents have not experienced a transitional market. It is different to sell in the changing market and it takes experience to anticipate the changes that are needed. Marketing and negotiation skills are critical now more than ever. 

There are strategies to avoid mistakes and capitalize on the opportunity in real estate. The first step is to find an agent with the expertise to get you the results you desire. 

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