Delray Affair Tips

Delray Affair Tips  

The Delray Affair, AKA The Greatest Show Under the Delray Sun is coming back in town! This premier arts and crafts festival stands out as it spans an impressive 10 city blocks! From April 12th to April 14th, The Delray Affair will showcase a diverse collection of beautiful art, crafts, and unique products sourced globally. Over 500 artisans and crafters will be participating, allowing attendees to browse handcrafted masterpieces. Throughout the event, there will also be live music at the Old School Square beer garden to take a break and enjoy, as well as food and refreshments available for purchase. 

Delray Affair Tips

  • My number one tip for the Delray Affair is to go on Friday if at all possible. Going early allows you to enjoy the calm before the storm. 
  • Bring water. It gets hot and water is a must. 
  • Engage with Creators: There's something magical about hearing the story behind a piece of art directly from the person who created it. These stories add layers of meaning and connection, transforming a simple visit into a memorable journey.
  • Savor the Local Flavor: The delicious options available during the Affair reflect the best of Delray Beach. Each bite is an opportunity to explore the tastes that define our community, from street-side snacks to gourmet treats.
  • If you are local, parking can be a challenge. Consider usign a ride share option or even biking downtown. 

While the Delray Affair is a highlight, it's just the beginning of what Delray Beach has to offer. Our town is a collection of cultural and recreational experiences. From the beautiful beaches to the busy downtown area, there's a good time waiting at every corner, making any day here feel like a vacation.

Location: 140 NE 1st St, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Dates/Times: Friday April 12th 10am - 6pm, Saturday April 13th 10am - 6pm, Sunday April 14th 10am - 5pm

Join us for this year's celebration and become a part of the story that makes the Delray Affair so special. It's an opportunity to explore the artistry, connect with the community, and create memories.


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