Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips

If you're thinking of selling there are many ways to prepare with staging so you maximize the equity from your home. It doesn't have to take a huge budget to make a big impact. Sometimes we all need a few tricks up our sleeve, ways to make our homes look stylish on a budget, right? Fortunately, there are ways – even on a budget.

Here, you will discover the simplest and least expensive home staging tips to make your home look stylish.

Remove all clutter

Get rid of all the clutter in your home. Either throw it away or store it neatly out of sight. All floors and surfaces should be clutter-free, while cabinets and closets should be neatly organized. If they are packed full buyers will think the house is too small.   

Paint the walls

Give walls a fresh look with new paint and go for warm, sophisticated neutrals that make a home look well put together. Don't have the time and money to paint the whole house? Choose one or two areas that you spend the most time in. Be sure to take a look at your front door and freshen up if needed.

Check your windows

You can make smaller windows appear larger with long curtains. Make sure curtains can be pulled right back and blinds right up to allow for plenty of light to flood your rooms. Also make sure the windows are clean to make the room brighter. 


Look around the home and see if it is time to freshen up the decor. Little changes can make a big difference. Pillows, rugs, and new towels can give a fresh look for minimal expense. Use mirrors to make rooms appear bigger. If you're spending time and money on improvements, use it on the kitchen and baths as the rooms have the largest impact with buyers. 

The nose matters

Use air fresheners and candles to get rid of any faint smells. Vanilla is a great option. If you have pets really do make sure all carpets and rugs have been thoroughly cleaned.

A little time and money invested in the beginning will be rewarded with a faster sale for the most money the market will allow. From a seller's point of view that is the most optimal and favorable outcome.

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