Your Home Equity And How You Can Maximize It

How Can You Maximize Your Home Equity?

Let's admit it. All home sellers want the most money for their home. Knowing how to build up your home equity is a great advantage. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to help you achieve this goal.

There is a strategy to maximize the equity of your home. If you're thinking of selling in this market, you would be crazy not to want to do so as there is a shortage of homes for sale as there are more buyers looking for homes to buy in Florida. It all boils down to having the right support team to help you sell your home. In Palm Beach County there are 21,000 choices for real estate agents and only about 1,200 of those agents sell 10 homes and more which is why it's crucial to have the right professional who can get you the most money possible.

The Strategy

In this market, almost anybody can sell almost anything, especially single-family homes that are currently in demand. These in demand homes include homes that have a pool, a home office, or a great kitchen. However, that does not mean that you will be able to maximize the price of your home. 

Treu Group Real Estate, with 30 years of experience, knows that it's getting the marketing strategy perfectly and having strong negotiation skills. Treu Group Real Estate has a team of experts from graphic designers, video editors, and professional photographers to make sure that you will be able to highlight your home the best way possible. You will also need to have a great negotiator. They negotiate on your behalf – armed with experience and understanding of customary charges, costs, and terms. They will negotiate repairs, if needed, and make sure you are protected with the proper contingencies. 

A professional real estate agent will be there every step of the way. Treu Group Real Estate has the experience necessary to navigate the complicated home selling process and solve common problems that arise in every real estate transaction. You deserve to have what's called a single-agent, which is a real estate agent on your side during the whole selling process, not a transactional broker. Take a look at it as if you have a million-dollar lawsuit - would you want an arbitrator or a litigator on your side? Your real estate agent will be the litigator. The goal is to sell your home for the most amount of money with the least amount of inconvenience.

A real estate agent should help you achieve your real estate goals. Treu Group has a network of professionals who will work as a team to help you through the entire home selling process. These include professionals such as title reps, escrow officers, transaction coordinators, home inspectors, contractors, and handymen, among others.

We want to make you are a raving fan. How do we do that? By meeting and exceeding your expectations and making your plans and your dreams come true. Give us a call and we are here to help. Let's talk and let us help you maximize your equity!

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