When To Replace A Roof

How To Know When It's Time For a New Roof

It’s easy to tell when you need to replace your carpet or repaint the walls since you see them every day. You noiice the wear easier.  When to replace your roof is a different thing. How often do you spend the time looking up at your roof and really analyzing how it looks? If you’re like most people, the first indication you get that it’s time for a new roof is when it starts to leak. Before that happens, here are some signs that your roof needs to be replaced:

  • It’s old: Depending on the roof type, will depend how long it will last. A metal roof will last the longest, then tile comes in 2nd and shingle roofs will need replaced sooner. Once your roof reaches life expectancy, it is time to have it evaluated by a honest roofer to see when you need to plan on replacing it. 
  • Roof material/debris is evident around the home: Are tile cracking or are shingles curling or coming up? Don't ignore it, ic could be costly. 
  • Leaks and/or water stains: check both the garage as well as your attic for evidence of leaks. There comes a time when you need to replace and not repair leaks. 
  • Your energy bills are rising: Unexplained increases in your utility bills could be signs of heat or cold invading your home

If you suspect that it’s time to replace the roof, now is the time to investigate your options for replacement or repairs, before you are face much larger damage. Be sure to consult a roofer that will tell you the truth and not just sell you a new roof. If you need a resource, reach out to us and we can share who we use and trust. 

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