Saying Yes to the Address!

Are you Ready to Say Yes? 

Saying yes to the address is a great feeling when you are ready to buy a home. A house is more than a a building, it is about memories, hopes and dreams. While we are seeing the real estate market calm down, the best properties still have multiple offers.

So what do you do when you are ready to buy your dream home?

With so many buyers competing, it’s important to put all the best offers upfront. Sharing some tips to help you write a strong offer that will win their hearts..

  • The lender that you choose is a big part of having your offer accepted. It is bigger than just having a pre-approval letter. It is the reputtion of the lender, the speed that the lender can give a solid commitment and even close quickly. 
  • Make sure you have proof of funds to close! Ask your lender for a letter that they've checked and made sure all the necessary money is available before moving forward with this process.
  • You need to put up a good fight for your dream home. Offer your best offer as you do not always have a 2nd shot for a higher offer. 
  • In real estate, there are a lot of standard contingencies that could happen. With your agent you should discuss these in detail and remove any that don't need to be included because they can cause more problems than solutions!
  • Find out what is important to the seller and if you can, structure your offer to be attractive for them. Things like a fast close and a post occupancy can be exceptionally attractive. 

We know how to help you structure an offer on your dream home!

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