How to Save Big This Summer: Florida’s 2024 Tax-Free Holidays

How to Save Big This Summer: Florida’s 2024 Tax-Free Holidays

Tax Free Holiday in Florida this Summer 2024

Summer 2024 brings fantastic opportunities for Floridians to save money with four different tax holidays: Tool Time, Back to School, Disaster Preparedness, and Freedom Month. These events are part of a tax package signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, offering significant discounts on a variety of items. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or business owner, these tax-free periods can help you save on essential purchases. Let’s explore the details!

What is a Sales Tax Holiday?

A sales tax holiday is a short-term period during which certain items are exempt from sales tax. These holidays provide an excellent opportunity to purchase specific goods at a lower cost. For 2024, Florida has scheduled multiple tax holidays that cover a range of items, from school supplies to disaster preparedness gear.

Florida Tax-Free Holiday 2024 Schedule

Here’s a quick overview of the upcoming tax-free periods:

Sales Tax Holiday




Disaster Prepareness

June 1, 2024

June 14, 2024

2 weeks

August 24, 2024

September 6, 2024

2 weeks

Freedom Month

July 1, 2024

July 31, 2024

1 month

Back to School

July 29, 2024

Ausgust 11, 2024

2 weeks

Tool Time

September 1, 2024

September 7, 2024

1 week

For a detailed list of eligible items, check the official Florida Revenue website.

Disaster Preparedness Tax-Free Holiday

Prepare for Florida's unpredictable weather with the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. This holiday occurs twice, from June 1-14 and August 24-September 6. Key tax-exempt items include:

⚡ Portable Generators (up to $3,000)
⛺ Tarpaulins or Waterproof Sheeting (up to $100)
🔥 Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors (up to $70 each)
🥪 Non-Electric Food Storage Cooler (up to $60)
🔋 Portable Power Banks (up to $60)
🪫 Various types of batteries (up to $50)

Freedom Month Tax-Free Holiday

Celebrate freedom with a month-long tax holiday from July 1-31. Enjoy tax-free purchases on:

🎟️ Admissions to live events, museums, and sporting events
🛴 Electric scooters (up to $500)
🛶 Boating and water activity supplies like canoes and kayaks (up to $500)
🏕️ Camping gear including tents (up to $200) and sleeping bags (up to $50)
🎣 Fishing supplies, including rods and reels (up to $150)

Back to School Tax-Free Holiday

Get ready for the new school year with the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday from July 29 to August 11. Save on:

🧩 Learning aids like puzzles (up to $30)
👚 Clothing items (up to $100 each)
💻 Computers and accessories (up to $1,500)
📓 School supplies such as pens and notebooks (up to $50 each)

Tool Time Tax-Free Holiday

From September 1-7, take advantage of the Tool Time Sales Tax Holiday. This is perfect for skilled trade workers and DIY enthusiasts. Tax-free items include:

🧤 Work Gloves (up to $25 per pair)
🦺 Safety Vests (up to $30 each)
🛠️ Hand Tools and LED Flashlights (up to $50 each)
🧰 Toolboxes and Hearing Protection (up to $75 each)
🪖Hard Hats and Tool Belts (up to $100 each)

Take Advantage of These Savings! 💸

Mark your calendars and make the most of these tax-free periods. Whether you're preparing for a storm, getting ready for school, enjoying outdoor activities, or stocking up on tools, Florida's Tax-Free Holidays offer substantial savings. For a complete list of eligible items, visit the official site.

This summer, save more and spend smarter. Happy shopping! 🛒🌟

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