How To Sell My Home in Palm Beach County During the Holidays

How To Sell My Home in Palm Beach County During the Holidays

How To Sell My Home in Palm Beach County During the Holidays: A Strategic Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year until you throw in the stress of selling a home during December. It doesn't have to be challenging if you put the correct strategies in place. It is a balance between family celebrations and time for buyers to see your home. The number one question we get from seller's is "Can we Decorate our Home for the Holidays"? The simple answer is Yes. A decorated home gives buyers happy feelings.

Here are some tips to make selling during the holidays easier:

1. Communicate with your agent to plan the days when showings are not possible due to special family time. The days that are important can be avoided for showings which will remove stress and interuptions for celebrations. We can make it clear in advance so buyers and other agents can plan their appointment times.

2. Make sure all of the Marketing Tools are being used on your home.  Are thre enough pictures, videos and 3D tours? Are all restrictions made availalble so the buyer is actually a good fit? If your potential buyers can view your home online, you are more likely to get the right buyers setting appointments. December showings are less in quantitiy that other months however better in quality. Nobody is simply looking at homes in December, they are looking for a home. 

3. Between Christmas and New Year's Day is an important week. Many out of town buyers are visiting, people have time off from work and buyers are ready to get back to life. Make sure your home and your agent are available to make sure buyers have access. We always plan to be ready to show our homes to maximize the opportunity for a successful sale. 

Most importantly, enjoy your Holiday season. You can have your home for sale and have a wonderful time celebrating the Holidays too. 

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