Is Real Estate a Great Career For You?

Is Real Estate A Great Career For You?

Real estate can be a great career choice. It can be financially rewarding however, it can also be challenging at the same time. Being a real estate agent can be seriously rewarding if you are hard-working, self-motivated, and you enjoy connecting with people. Now you may ask, is it right for you? Many people think that if they love helping people and houses, real estate is perfect for them but it is more than that.

Why is being a real estate agent challenging?

Here in Palm Beach County, there are 21,000 real estate agents and only 1,200 of which sell 10 homes or more. The median sales price in Palm Beach County is in the $350,000 bracket and 10 homes sold is the number wherein you are earning like when you have a regular job and where most people can replace their income. The numbers make it clear that many real estate agents are struggling to be successful. 

Here are the things you need to know for you to decide whether real estate is the path for you to take:

  • Real estate is a "sales" job. - The entire real estate process is a sales process. You have to sell yourself as an expert real estate agent, you have to sell the buyer on being willing to buy their next dream home, you have to sell the agent on accepting your offer and on an on.
  • You need to work harder than ever. - Some real estate agents that are new to the industry think that it will be easy and that buyers and sellers are just everywhere. It simply is not true. You need to figure out how you can connect with people, find a strategy to network with as many people as you can. 
  • You need to learn before you earn. - Think of it like you are opening your very own business. When you open a business, usually, the first to second year will be the time you invest before you become profitable. In real estate, you will be investing your time, knowledge, and your reserves. 

Preparation, patience, and perseverance are some of the things you need to have. However, with the right effort, attitude, and great team, a great real estate career is within reach. If you can see yourself wanting to pursue a real estate career, reach out to us. Treu Group Real Estate, we already figured out the correct process, strategy, and techniques to become a successful real estate agent.  At our company, we are hard workers who are also team players and we promote supporting each other and sharing all the years of experience on your side. 

We are hiring licensed showing partners, real estate agents, and support team members. 

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