Lisa's Favorite Things for the Florida Lifestyle

Lisa's Favorite Things for the Florida Lifestyle

Lisa Treu's Favorite Things for the Florida Lifestyle

When you decide to make your move to Florida you will want to consider buying some of Lisa's favorite things. 

1. Palm Beach Sandals - Wearing sandals is almost a year-round choice of footwear. We have the ability to trade in the snowshoes for sandals. You will need more pairs of sandals than you can imagine. Lisa is a huge fan of Palm Beach Sandals. They can make custom sandals including holiday sandals, your favorite team sandals, monogrammed sandals, and flamingo sandals (I have those). 

2. My Tommy Bahama Beach Chair, sun umbrella, and pop-up sunshade - The sun is strong and an umbrella or popup shade makes a day at the beach more comfortable. The beach chair is easy to transport as you can wear it from the car to your favorite spot on the beach.  

3. Wine anyone? - Having a way to cool your favorite wine is a plus so you can enjoy it at the beach, the park, or on your patio. 

4. Cruiser bike - The perfect weekend activity is to bike to an outdoor restaurant, local neighborhoods, or even to the beach. I love a day exploring on a bike especially during the cooler winter months. 

5. Sunglasses - You will need a pair of polarized glasses. Correction, you will need several pairs. I love Abaco glasses as they are local, amazing quality, affordable and there is a warranty. 

I would love to hear some of your favorite things that you discover too. 

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