Real Estate Opportunity for in Demand Properties

Market Opportunity in Real Estate Right Now

The Palm Beach County real estate market is on fire right now for in-demand properties. There is a shortage of homes for sale and it is causing buyers to battle with multiple offers to buy their new home. The other impact is that many sellers are able to have competitive terms that are appealing in addition to over market sales prices.

What has caused the strong seller's market this summer?

1. There were a lot of buyers that wanted to buy in March and April and could not due to COVID-19. 

2. Fewer homes are for sale as some sellers are not comfortable having multiple unknown people come into their homes. 

3.  The new trend of working from home has become permanent for a large portion of the workforce. People can work from home in paradise instead of the northeast. 

4. With the new normal, homeowners need more space to work from home and children to attend school virtually. The demand for more bedrooms and offices has increased dramatically.

5. Homeowners are looking for things to do that they can control. Pool homes and waterfront homes are more popular than ever. 

6. Interest rates have hit a 50-year record low improving affordability. 

If you are planning to sell, the opportunity in the real estate market right now is limited that's why right now is the ideal time to sell and maximize your equity. The Treu Group has developed a 10 point strategy to help you sell for the most money.  

Your only step is to call Treu Group Real Estate. We will do the rest. 

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