Million Dollar Homes in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Million Dollar Homes

Palm Beach County homes are still in demand and we are seeing that by the increase of $1,000,000 plus homes. Last year, 11.1% of the homes in Palm Beach County were million dollar homes versus 12.8% a year later.

Why is this important? Most of the country has seen a decline in million homes due to a decline in value however Palm Beach County homes have seen an increase during the same time period.

A year ago, we were in a real estate frenzy and that is different today however we still have more buyers that want to make Palm Beach County their new home that we have great properties for sale.

Florida had 6 of the 10 areas that saw the million plus homes grow. Florida continues to be in demand due to no state income tax, great weather and the lifestyle that attracts out of state buyers.

There are many great million dollar homes on the market in Palm Beach County!

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