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Choosing the Winning Offer

How to choose the Winning Bid

Choosing the Right Offer

Congratulations, you have multiple offers on your home listing. It’s exciting to hear that you have a choice in buyers. Yet how can you make sure that you choose the right offer? With varying sales prices and terms, comparing offers might be harder than you expected. Still – it’s a great problem to have.

If you find yourself in a multiple offer situation, the first step is to meet with your agent to discuss each offer in detail. What are the actual differences? It’s easy to see what price they offer, but what about the other items – the terms, the financing, the contingencies.

? Sales Price – This is the easiest to compare. Start with the sales price and then check to see if they are asking for extra...

Negotiating for Top Dollar

Negotiating for Top Dollar

Negotiating for Top Dollar

Selling your home? Every seller wants to make sure they sell their home for the best possible sales price. Getting top dollar for your home is not as complicated as you might think. By using a simple negotiation strategy, you can make sure receive the best price for your home listing.

The first step in a negotiation strategy begins before you even list your home. Choosing the right real estate agent and listening to their advice regarding home value is important. Choose a realistic list price; over-pricing to “test the market” is not only a waste of time, but as the listing ages on the market, buyers are more likely to write lowball offers.

Once you receive and offer; review and respond to all reasonable offers. Never assume that a buyer...

11 Home Features That Help You Sell Faster

11 Home Features That Help You Sell Faster

Are you looking to sell your home? If so you will want to take a look at some upgrades that will help you sell faster.

Deciding where to invest your renoation dollars is important to get the best ROi possible. If you own a home, you might want to consider which improvements allow you to sell your home faster. Considering which improvements buyers value is a good step before you start spending your hard earned money. Not all improvements will allow you to get all of your money back so choose wisely

Most home remodeling efforts only increase home values by 50% - 80% of the average project's costs, according to Remodeling magazine's 2019 Cost vs....