Opportunity is Created

Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities Despite The Current COVID-19 Situation

Opportunities don't fall out of trees, they are created. in every challenge, there are opportunities if you are determined to find them. COVID-19 wasn't the first challenge that impacted real estate and it won't be the last either. 

Attitude is everything. I believe that Dream, Plan, Do is important. Many times, people do the dream part, that is the fun one. Some even plan. The do is what is often left out. Doing is hard. It is what separates others from those that are committed to succeeding. 

Dealing with the Challenges

1. Look at ways to do something in a new way. Adapting is key to any new situation. Adding virtual walkthrough tours is an example of adjusting the marketing process due to COVID-19 issues. 

2. Work harder. While others are not sure what to do, our team was looking for solutions and putting them into action.

3. Focus on what you can control. There are so many things that out of our control however taking massive action on what you can help you to get results. Deal with reality versus speculation. While others thought they it was hopeless, our team knew that adapting would be helpful to our clients and our team. We are watching the real estate market daily to make sure we are positioned to sell homes. 

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