Organizing Kitchen Pantry

Organizing Your Pantry

Now that people are spending more time at home, organization projects are becoming popular. There are even popular shows such as The Home Edit that is encouraging the organizing craze. Are you ready to join in?

The kitchen pantry is a perfect place to start as it makes meal planning and grocery shopping easier. You can create an organization system that works for you as there is not a one size fits all option. 

Organizing your pantry is a perfect weekend project that will eliminate stress. Imagine being able to see what food you have instead of doing the pantry push. What is the pantry push? It is not a cool dance, it is what you do when you are desperately searching for that must-have item for your favorite recipe. Here are a few quick ways to bring order to your food pantry.

  1. Use Storage Containers – There are many options depending on your preference of the finished look and function. Many people like clear containers or pretty baskets. I choose to use a combination of both. Using clear and stackable storage containers with simple labels will not only make it easy to see your food categories but save valuable space as well and keep the food fresher longer. Storage containers can be purchased at home stores like Home Goods, At Home, The Container Store or online. 
  2. Have your backstock organized  – What is backstock? I asked the same question when I first started following The Home Edit crew. Backstock is your extra stuff...the Costco stock for example.  
  3. Lists – Another great use for the inside of the pantry door, or an area near the pantry, is to use chalkboard paint to create a place to keep lists. This way you can keep track of items you need to replace on your next shopping trip. If you are more tech-savvy, you can use Trello to keep a grocery list that is shareable too. 
  4. Sort, Sort, Sort – Organize your pantry by category. For example, keep baking supplies together to allow for easy access when you want to make cookies, or organize all the kids’ snacks on a shelf that’s within their reach (or out of reach, if it’s treats!).
  5. Keep Things Well-Lit – Finally, don’t neglect the lighting in your pantry. If you have an area that has become a “black hole,” add lighting. There are inexpensive battery lights that will come on when the pantry door is open at night. 
  6.  Coffee and Tea Time - Who doesn't love coffee and tea? I love both. I love my coffee and tea carousel that brings order to my favorites. When the coffee or tea is buried in the pantry, it is easy for it to be out of sight out of mind. It is pretty to have on your countertop too.

A well-organized pantry is just a weekend away and will make cooking and grocery shopping much easier.

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