Palm Beach County Real Estate Market Update

Palm Beach County Real Estate Market Update

Let’s tackle the number one thing that we're hearing in the market. The market is cooling off. Is it? Well, in South Florida, we want you to know that we don't think we have a shortage of buyer issues. We think we have a shortage of great homes for buyers to buy. Imagine, somebody wants to buy a home. There's nothing for sale. They can't buy. Therefore, it feels like the number of buyers is going down. In fact, what's happening is the number of homes that are available to the buyers is going down.

What do you do about that? First of all, if you're a seller and you think you already missed the opportunity to sell your home for a great price and have multiple offers, we just want to tell you, in many cases, that simply is not true. With the right strategies, you can still have the success that you want. We're proving it time and time and time again.

How can you make sure when you put your home on the market, it is one of those in-demand great properties? Here are the top 3 strategies we recommend when selling your home:

  1. It is priced in the sweet spot - "Sweet spot?" you say. One of the things that I'm seeing right now is sellers are substantially overpricing their home, thinking that, "Well, if I ask more, I'll get more." Not true. There's a sweet spot in the market. And it's a little challenging now to know what that number is. That's why experience matters.
  2. Marketing - Yes, I said marketing. Believe it or not, marketing has gone by the wayside in this frenzy of a market. Why? Because it will sell, rather an agent markets the home or not. It just won't sell for top dollar.
  3. Having an agent who knows how to negotiate strongly on your behalf when the offers start coming in - We actually have a 10-step process before their multiple offers to encourage that to happen. Then once we have multiple offers, it's not just accepting the first deal that comes in. It's working to get you the best price and the best terms. They both matter in today's market. 

If you are planning to sell in today's market, there's great news. It's still the time as a seller to be able to go ahead and get your home sold for top dollar. Treu Group Real Estate is here to help you. We know how to find the sweet spot. We know how to market your home. And we know how to negotiate strongly for you. You deserve it. Let us help you get that top dollar. 

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