What do I Need to Know About Buying?

Is Buying the Smart Option?

There are a lot of questions currently about buying from renters, those looking to move to Florida and move-up buyers. We want to give you the information so you can make the right decisions for you. That is why the Free Online Series is here for you. 

Are you currently renting and wonder what you need to do to buy a home? Should you be buying right now? Can you even get a loan? I am sure you have heard that credit scores and down payment requirements are going up, right? Not so fast, there are still options if you have a trusted lender. 

Maybe you own a home and are wondering if you should re-finance, add that desired pool or simply purchase a new home. We have you covered too.

Register to get all of your financing questions answered. You can watch the 30-minute Free seminar online. 

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