What do We Tell the Children About the Sale?

What to Tell the Kids about Selling

What do You Tell the Children?

If you are selling your home, you might be wondering what to tell the children. This is one of the most challenging steps when you decide to sell. It can be scary if this is the first time they are experiencing a move or love their home and neighborhood. How you handle the conversation depends on what is causing the sale of the home. 

Is it a relocation, divorce or are you buying your dream home? The reason for the move will likely have a big impact on how it is received. 

Tips to help make the move easier:

1. Get the children involved early with the decision to move. Let them know the plan and the steps along the way. If you don't communicate with them, the story in their head might be scarier or worse than reality. 

2. Include them with your real estate agent about how to help get ready for showings. Giving them an age-appropriate role will make them feel a part of the sale. For example, having them pick up their toys or tuning on all of the lights for showings would be a good option for younger children. Let them make a list of items that they want to have in the next home. Allowing them to dream of their next home will get them excited and looking forward to selling. 

3. If possible, take them outside for a walk during the showings. It can be hard to see others looking at the home or being in their room.

4. Help them see the good of the move. What can they look forward to acheiving when they move? Will they have a home near a park, will they have a pool or maybe they will be able to get a pet. 

Selling a home with children takes a bit of planning and thought however it can be smooth if you keep them focused on the future and keep communication open. 

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