What to Expect in Today's Market

Will Your Home Still receive Multiple Offers Today?

What to Expect in Today's Market

A lot has changed in the real estate market, and it is still continuously changing. There's a lot of nervousness and doubt about if homes would still sell for a good price. Clients have been asking if their homes will still recieve good offers despite these changes...

Last year, 60% of all homes for sale had multiple offers. Those are the times we all know as the frenzy market, where people scrambled to buy more living space during the pandemic as house price inflation dropped off.

Some may say getting multiple offers nowadays is non-existent, but in reality, 42% of single-family homes for sale are saying they are still getting multiple offers today. 

There are still multiple offers for the most popular and most sought out homes. And if one of those is your dream home, you still need to compete both on price and terms. 

The frenzy market may have cooled down due to an inflation rise, but it still the best time to sell. There is still demand for homes for sale, and you need to be on the market right now to get most $ out of your home.

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