You've decided to buy. What do you need to know?

For Blog You've decided to buy. What do you need to know?

You have decided to buy a home. We have seen many challenges that have caused issues from the offer to the closing table. What are the tips that will make your home buying successful? 

1. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a pre-approval that will be help your offer stand out. Aren't they all the same? Not even close. In the case of multiple offers, the lender can be the deciding factor. Many buyers thing they have a pre-approval however they have only been pre-qualified. This is a fatal mistake. 

2.  Once you are pre-approved, be sure to not make any changes that will cause you to lose your approval. Yes you can lose your ability to get your loan. What could cause this to happen? Here are just a few changes that could be an issue:  changing your job, missing payments, opening or closing credit cards, buying a new car, buying furniture, having unexpected deposits, gambling expenses on your bank account to just mention a few. Before you do anything differently, check with your lender. Better safe than sorry.

3. Watch contract timelines. Respond to your lender and your agent timely so you keep in contract. Inspection, mortgage approval and deposit dates are just a few important dates that you need to be aware of on your purchase. 

We are here to help you have a successful closing. 

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