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3 Reasons You’ll Love Calling Florida Home 

Let Lisa Treu of the Treu Group Real Estate help know what most of the home buyers love about Florida. 

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Hi it's Lisa Treu, and welcome back. Today we're going to talk about why people love Florida. There's a reason why people love calling Florida home. Whether you want to make Florida your permanent home, or you want to just come on down for the winter, you're going to find these three things the reason that you're going to love it here too.

The first thing is our Florida lifestyle. There is truly something for everyone. Whether you enjoy a great day at the beach, playing golf, enjoying nature by doing kayaking or paddle boarding, or maybe you just want to go to great restaurants. Imagine being able to eat outside alfresco all year long. So what else makes Florida great? Well, one of my favorite things is our weather.

We have year-round great weather to enjoy something all the time. Imagine wearing shorts in January. Now you may be saying, "But, Florida's hot." Well, it is hot, but it's hot almost everywhere in the summer, right? We get these great ocean breezes that keep us comfortable. And it gets hot a little longer, but that's okay, just jump in your pool and enjoy it all.

Now the third thing that there is to enjoy is all about the money. Now I've got your attention, right? So, lower taxes. Do you know that Florida does not have an income tax? Its actually quite affordable, especially if you're used to the northeast with exceptionally high taxes on your property and on your income.

So, those are the three reasons why I love calling Florida home. By the way, Florida is number one with international buyers as well. 19% of all international buyers have purchased in Florida. Whether you're looking for your winter home, your permanent home, we're here to help you find your right lifestyle. We can help you all through south Florida. So give us a call, 561-352-3056. Thanks, and let's go to the beach.