Advice for the Millennial Buyer


Purchasing a home now is the right move!

For millennials, purchasing a home is a big decision, but it is also a financially smart decision.

It costs less to buy than it does to rent. By purchasing a home, you are making an investment and building equity, instead of losing money every month by renting. 

NOW is the best time to buy.

Mortgage rates are low, but that won't last forever. Secure a low rate by purchasing and financing as soon as possible.

We are happy to help. Start your search now with our free service that lets you search like a real estate agent.

Why should I buy instead of rent?

There are many reasons why you should buy over renting. The cost of rent is often higher than a monthly mortgage payment, and the money is essentially thrown into the wind. When you buy, you are making an investment towards your future. When that mortgage is paid off, the home is yours. Also, with a home you are able to modify it as you wish. Rentals have restrictions on the changes and work you can do inside.

For first time home buyers, purchasing a home can be a long and confusing road, but the Treu Group can make it easy. With us as your guide, we can build your search and get you to the closing table stress free.

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