Tips When Buying a Home

Tips When Buying a Home

When buying a home, many buyers are getting frustrated because their offers are not being accepted. In Palm Beach County, there is a shortage of great inventory and too many buyers wanting to buy a home. Why is this happening? The market is hot in several price ranges due to the perfect seller storm.  Seller storm?  We have season, additional buyers that are looking to move from the northeast due to weather and taxes, and buyers that delayed their plans due to the hurricane last year.

Don't give up. There is hope. We have plenty of success stories where we have helped our clients win in multiple offers.

Here are a few tips:

1.  Hire a buyer's agent. What? Aren't all agents buyer agents? No they are not. Many represent the transaction. You can have someone on your side and the best thing is the seller pays the commission. How do you know if you have a buyer's agent? Unless you hired one by signing an agreement, you have a transaction fee.

2.  When you are viewing the home and the seller is home, be kind. Sellers that connect with buyers want to help you get their home. 

3. Present a solid offer. Make sure terms are presented in a positive way. 

4. The lender can be the deciding factor in multiple offers. A lender that  can provide a clear mortgage commitment including appraisals in 7-10 days (which is rare) allows you to compete with other offers. Also having a lender that has a reputation of doing what they say is critical.

There is a strategy for winning in multiple offers and experience matters. Let our proven system help you too. 

The first step to finding your new home is to contact us to find your new home. 

Next Step to Buying Your New Home

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