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Getting your Offer Accepted when Buying a Home

Today the challenges when buying a home are multiple offers and cash offers.  With Palm Beach County being a seller's market, it can be frustrating.  There are some ways that you can increase your chance of getting your offer accepted for your dream home. 

You've decided to take the step to buying a home.  It is one of the most exciting times and it can also be stressful.  It is actually the 3rd biggest stress in life.  So we want to help you by sharing a few tips on getting your offer accepted when you find your new home.


Strategies to Have your Offer Accepted

1.  When viewing the home, find a way to connect with the seller.  Be friendly and offer a compliment about their home.  This is different from showing too much emotion which can harm you during negotiations.  We have experienced sellers taking our offer because they liked the buyer.   

2.  Tell your story.  A well written letter to the seller can be a big plus.  Let them know who you are, maybe a little about your family.  Again, it humanizes you to the seller. 

3.  Focus on terms as well as price.  You often get one chance to make a good impression with your offer.  The right terms can mean a big difference.

4.  Put as much money in escrow as possible.  It shows your commitment to the transaction.

5.  Use a lender that is positively viewed in the area with real estate agents.  Also have your lender call the listing agent and tell how qualified the buyer is for the purchase. 

6.  Be solution based during negotiations. 

7.  Hire a Buyer's agent that has a proven track record of winning in multiple offer situations or cash offers.  Not all agents are Buyer's Agents.  Treu Group Real Estate believes you deserve one. 

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