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How to Get your Offer Accepted in the Seller's Market

You've decided to take the step to buying a home.  It is one of the most exciting times and it can also be stressful.  It is actually the 3rd biggest stress in life.  So we want to help you by sharing a few tips on getting your offer accepted when you find your new home.

Step #1 - Make sure you have saved enough money to put a large amount of money in escrow.  When there are multiple offers, this will help you be able to have a greater chance of getting your offer accepted.

Step #2 - Also be ready to smile if the seller is home.  We have had sellers sign our offer based upon liking the buyer.

Step#3 - Be flexible with the closing date, ask the seller when they would prefer to move.

Step #4 - The lender you hire is critical.  Having a lender who has a proven track record and can close in 30 days.  Also a lender that can help sell your ability to obtain financing to the listing agent.

Step #5 - Have a 7-10 day inspection period.

Step #6 - You might get one shot at the offer, so offer the amount that you say "I would have paid that".

Finding your new home in the seller's market can be a challenge however it will be worth it.