Investing in Real Estate in Florida

Florida real estate is hot and it is time to buy your Florida home.  After returning from Europe, it became more clear to Steve and Lisa Treu what an amazing deal Florida real estate is and is committed to spread the news.  While we were there we viewed properties and created new relationships in Italy, France and Spain that will benefit our clients for years to come.

There is a reason that investors and international buyers are buying in Florida, it is a deal and often a steal.  When you compare real estate values to other resort areas all around the world, it is almost hard to believe our prices.  We certainly were shocked with the prices in Europe.

Reasons why now is the time to invest in Florida.

1. At the top of the list is our weather.  You will love Florida’s winter.  Well if 70-80's could be called winter.

2. There is so much that Florida has to offer.  There's the obvious, the beaches and golf courses.  And one of my favorite things to enjoy, outdoor dining.  Then there are the cultural experiences and concerts.

3. Florida has no state income tax.  This is a big one for many of our residents.

4.  The real estate market is increasing so it is a great time to buy in Florida.  This is the time that we will say that we wish we had purchased real estate in Florida.

5. No inheritance tax.  Again another big plus.

6. No estate tax.

7. Florida’s cost of living is among the lowest.

We have known how important the north is to Florida's real estate market.  Our neighbors to the north in Canada as well as from the entire northeast love Florida real estate.  With the dollar and our prices, it makes so much sense for the Canadian buyer to own Florida real estate.  There is a huge opportunity and we know how to position our clients so they benefit from it.  Steve and Lisa Treu are focusing on the Toronto/Montreal Canadian as well as the Vancouver Canadian.  Where did the Vancouver Canadian come from you might be asking.  Your first thought was right as they were traditionally investing in California, Arizona and Nevada.  Many of the buyers have decided to invest in Florida due to the great opportunity we have here in Florida.  Why does the northeastern millionaire consider making Florida home?  There are some financial reasons and 600,000 New York residents moved to Florida over the past decade.  Along with them came $20 billion in adjusted growth income.  During the same time, 208,794 Pennsylvania residents moved to Florida taking $8 billion in adjusted grown income.  That is a lot of growth for Florida.

It is an exciting time in Florida real estate.