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The Home You Desire Is More Affordable Than You Think   

Lisa Treu of the Treu Groups Real Estate will tell you great news on why you should have that dream home in Florida.

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Hi it's Lisa Treu with Treu Group Real Estate and welcome back. so we have some exciting news for you in 2019. First of all, as many of us already know, Florida is the number one popular place for a second home. Well, why not? We have great weather, gold year round, beaches and outdoor dining in January, February, and March. Amazing, right?

So some better news if you're thinking about buying a second home, did you know you can buy a second home for as little as 10% down? I mean you could be in paradise, enjoying our lifestyle for a little bit of money and a lot of enjoyment. Now in Palm Beach County, there are 1,400,000 residents. Now that's great except 460000 of those are renters. Now the landlords love it. And yet why not look and see about building your own wealth? One-third of those renters could actually buy a home and what's worse is they don't know it.

Now here's something I want you to think about. If you're looking to purchase a home for $350000 or less did you know that you could purchase that home with zero percent down? Yeah, zero, right? That's crazy. And if you're looking to buy a half a million dollar house it only will take you $15000 of your hard earned money to make that down payment. Now, what about you luxury buyers out there? And I know there are a lot of you, especially from the northeast.

You can buy your million dollar home for $100000. So there's really no reason why you shouldn't be buying your first home, your dream home, or your second home. Now if you're thinking about buying your property, we want to give you something to think about. In Palm Beach County you have a lot of options of real estate agents. In fact, you have over 21000 choices of agents in the local marketplace. So does it really matter? Well, I think it does. Only 1200 of the agents sell ten or more homes a year.

So that means that they're making a full time living at selling real estate. Here at Treu Group Real Estate, we are all full time, committed, experienced and have the ability to help you find your dream home and get it for you. So give me a call and let's find out how we can help get you your first home, your dream home, or your second home. We're here for you at 561 352 3056.