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Winter and Taxes: Reasons Why You Should Consider Making Florida Your Home

Listen to Lisa Treu of Treu Group Real Estate as she talks about the reasons why Florida is a place that you can call home. 

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Hi, it's Lisa Treu with Treu Group Real Estate, and I wanted to talk to you about two things that you may already be concerned about. And that is taxes and winter. So, let's start with the obvious, winter. Now, if you've been sitting there bundling up maybe by or fire, or maybe the heat is already on, you know you have choices. And you might even already be thinking about should I move south? Well, I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why almost a million people over the next three years are expected to come on down to Florida. So, here's the reality. Winter, it's here, right? It's that time of year, winter in Florida, we love it. It's the best. What do we do in winter? Well, we kind of traded in our snow boots for flip flops. We traded in the snow for the sand. I mean, we still have a white Christmas, it's just on the beach.

Did you know that we are one of the top places when it comes to best commutes? 23 minutes is what the typical person spends in a car in our area. How much time are you spending, either in a car, or on a train, or in a cab or walking? I bet it's more than 23 minutes, right? Now, golf. Are you finished with your season? Are you a little sad by that? Well, guess what? Down in Florida you can golf year round. And taxes, you're going to save so much money you might even be able to join that amazing private club down here.

Now boating is year round. We love our boating. Why? Because we have so many options. We have, like I like it, we usually boating, cruising down the intercoastal taking in the view. Or you could maybe go to the ocean, maybe you love deep sea fishing, we have that too. We're scuba diving, it's great snorkeling right off the coast here. Pedal boarding, one of my favorites, kayaking, there's just something for everyone.

Now let's think about entertainment. Well, we have great concerts. Imagine going to a concert outdoors. I mean, that's pretty cool, right? And we have great venues for theater, professional shows, all types of cultural entertainment, and even some great museums. So, maybe you want to explore a little bit, where do you go? Well, in two and a half hours you can be in the Florida Keys. Yes, the Florida Keys. That's like chill city. It's a perfect place to spend the weekend. Or maybe you need to go see Mickey Mouse? Mickey and Minnie are only about two and a half hours away, so you can go anytime you want. Isn't that fun?

Now, one of the things that people are thinking about, as we mentioned, is taxes. So, Florida does not have a state income tax. That's pretty amazing. Why is that important now more than ever? Well, with the federal tax laws, if you are a high net earner, you are going to see a substantial increase in your tax bill. Yuck, huh? So, come on down, save some money, you might even save money on your new home too. Save money on your property taxes, and save money with not having to pay a state income tax. And then more importantly, enjoy our lifestyle. You're going to love it here as much as I do.

I love living and selling the Florida lifestyle. So, you can see what's for sale or you can just give me a call and we can help get you started on doing what you are already really want to do anyway, which has come on down. Let's make Florida your home. We can help you all over South Florida, find the right home in the right community with the right lifestyle. That's what you want, right? Give me a call. 561-352-3056. I'm just a phone call away. See you soon.