FAQ's to Selling in Palm Beach

The home selling process can be very complex at times in Palm Beach County. It can be a challenging time as moving is one of the top stressful times in life. If you've been thinking of selling your home, you likely havel a ton of questions about the process, so we have some answers that might help you:

What is the home selling process like?

The home selling process can be an exciting or a stressful time in a homeowner's life depending on the situation. The best way to address selling a home is to make one decision at a time and break it down into easy steps. There are a few phases when selling a home, Pre-list, Listing and Marketing, Contract Phase, Closing and Moving. 

What is the "best" time to sell my house?

There are many popular seasons in Florida to sell a property. The first step to answering this question is to consider who the buyer is first. Is it a 2nd home, primary home, are schools important to the prospective buyer? Once you know who the buyer is, you can increase your chances to sell for more money. 

Homes and communities where schools are important have the greatest chance of selling in the Spring so that the move will be completed prior to the start of school in August. Depending on the year, an ideal time to put your home on the market is February to March. This allows for 30-60 days to close and another 30-60 days to find the ideal buyer.

If your home is ideal for a seasonal buyer, then the ideal time to have your home listed on the market is from August or September. This allows for buyers that want to use the property for this season to purchase, close and make any updates before the temperature up north turns cold. 2nd home buyers are most serious and motivated at this time of the year. A lot of sellers think that the January, February and March are the best months to sell a seasonal type of home however the buyer are less motivated since they are already in Florida and are thinking about next season.  

How Do I find my real estate agent to sell my house?

Finding your real estate agent is a big decision. It should come down to 2 things, do you trust them and does your real estate agent have an innovative marketing plan that reaches all buyers. Millennials have different expectations than Baby Boomers and both are important to Florida real estate. Does your agent have the tools to attract them both? Do they advertise in a way that all will relate to when buying real estate? The buyer might be in South Florida, in another state or in another country so your agent needs to know how to market to all of them.

Another great way to select your agent is by viewing their Zillow profile. We are proud of our Zillow profile and reviews.  Read more about about selling from top Zillow agents.

Treu Group Real Estate is constantly upgrading the way we market our homes and would love to share with you our plan to get your home sold. 

How much should I list my home for sale?

When thinking of a price you should take into consideration comparable sales around your homes area and what the market conditions are at the time. Often, there is what a home is worth and what you can get for it. Having a real estate expert that has a pulse on the market is key to pricing a home properly. By doing a little research online and seeing what other homes sold for in the neighborhood, you can get a good ballpark estimate of where to price your home. You can also hire a home appraiser to help get a good gauge on the listing price. Here are a few pricing tips

What factors impact the sale of my home?

There are 3 factors to selling a home. The formula for selling is Price, Condition and Marketing. When you get this correct, it allows for you to sell your home for a great price. 

Tips on Selling:

What should I do to get my home ready to sell?

Make sure your honey-do list is complete. Buyers will always take off at least twice the expense of the actual cost of the repair. Look at the cosmetic and functual repairs that will catch the buyer or inspector's eye. A little preparation in advance will be rewarded in the long run. 

Selling Your Home in Palm Beach County, FL

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