Closing Day

It is here, Closing Day on your home.  There was so much to do and now we are ready to close on your home.  Yeah.  Some homeowners are excited and some are nervous.  No matter what you feel, it is ok.  Whether you have sold many homes before or this is your first one, your real estate team is here to help you.  You are not alone, you have years of experience with Treu Group Real Estate so take comfort in that fact. 

Closing Details

Put garage remotes, repair receipts, keys, community cards, etc in a safe place.  Movers have been known to pack them and then you have a closing issue. 

Schedule for your utilities to be transferred the day after closing.  You will need the buyer's name with most of the utilities to do the transfer.

You can schedule to sign your paperwork prior to actual closing day if you prefer. For many homeowners, this makes the day a lot less stressful.

You will receive your closing funds and the buyer will receive keys when the funding has occurred. That means that the closing money has been received by the title company and the lender if there is one has approved all of the paperwork that was signed at the closing. Funding usually occurs at the end of the closing.

Walk Thru Process

There will be a walk thru scheduled for the day of closing or another time agreed by all parties.  Remember, you will need to be moved out and have the home ready to be turned over to the buyer.  A good rule of thumb is to make sure you leave it the way you would like to receive it.  

As other issues come up on closing day, we are here to help you.  Congratulations!