Closing FAQ's

When you buy or sell a home, there is excitement and then all of the closing questions come up. You might even experience some anxiety. In fact, the feelings of "What did I do" is completely normal.  There seems like there is so much to do to get the contract to closing.  Instead of looking at all of the things that needs to be done, it is easier to take the next step. Everything in life is easier that way and so is buying a home.

The great news is that your real estate team has a proven system to help you break the closing process into easy steps.  Trust in the system and yourself, we can do this together.

So take a breath and let's walk you through the closing process.

Steps to a Successful Closing

1.  Put together a strong contract.

2.  Complete the inspection process.

3.  Receive a satisfactory appraisal.

4.  Receive the mortgage approval.

5.  Obtain clear title.

6.  Walk through.

7.  Closing day.

8  Celebrate! 

The closing process is so critical that we have a dedicated person at Treu Group Real Estate that is here to help you with the closing process. We are top rated agents for a reason and look forward to walking along side of you to get you to the closing table.