The Condition To Sell Your Palm Beach Home

Getting your home ready for sale is a great way to get the most money. Here are Low Cost Ways to Make Home Buyers Say WOW! Plus these tips are quick and easy. The curb appeal and condition of your home is really important to the first impression of the buyer. You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression.  

Where should you focus your time:

1.  The Curb Appeal, Front Entry

2.  Living Room

3.  Kitchen

4.  Dining Room

5.  Other Bedrooms

A great thing to do is walk across the street and look at your home like a buyer driving by would see your home. Would it cause the buyer to want to see the inside of your home?  Here are a few things you can do to cause a buyer to want to make an appointment to view your home.  

1. Mow the lawn and trim the bushes - especially the ones that block your windows and diminish sunlight. Edge the grass around walks and trees plus add fresh mulch to your planting beds.
2. Purchase a new doormat.
3. Add a bright pot of flowers at your entryway.
4. Replace any old, tarnished doorknobs on your doors and polish or replace your house numbers. Your front door should be freshly painted and looks it's best.  This is one of the places that buyers spend the most time and paint is the least expensive thing to do to improve your home. 
5. Power-wash your driveway, sidewalk, and the exterior of your home.
6. Upgrade the outdoor lighting for a feeling of safety (yes, buyers drive by your home at night too) and to add dramatic effect.  Uplighting on your landscaping can really make a difference.  
7. Organize and de-clutter. Make sure that the buyer feels that the home will be large enough for their belongings. Most households have 2/3 more than what they need.  
8. Look for any areas that need paint touch up.
9. Get rid of furniture that is worn.  
10. Clean the windows as light is important to how a home feels to a buyer. Turn on the lights and open the blinds for showings.
11. Pay attention to smells as the buyer will be using their nose as well as their eyes to form an opintion of your home. Things like pet odors and smoke can be a real turnoff to the buyer. Vanilla is a great scent that is appealing to many buyers so lean toward this scent.
12. Look at your kitchen as this is the #1 room that influences the buying decision
13. Be ready for lots of showings and a sold sign.

Sellers should consider staging for two reasons.  The first is often the most important reason, they sell for more money.  48% of buyers are willing to pay 1-10% more for a home properly staged.  That could add up to thousands of dollars.  Who doesn't want more money?  The second is homes are often viewed first online.  Staged homes look great online so more buyers will want to see the home. 

If you are thinking of selling and you want to see how to stage your home, call us so we can help. 

Palm Beach Home Selling Made Easier!

While there are many details to be handled during the sale of your home, from preparing your home for the market, pricing the property correctly, negotiating offers, inspections, and so on, you can breathe easier knowing that you have a team of experts on your side. Contact us, your real estate experts for more information about a complimentary pre-listing consultation today!