Getting Ready for Closing Day

The closing date on your home is approaching. It makes it easier to handle the anxiety if you are prepared and break it down into easy steps.  

What needs to be out for closing?

You've been packing and you might be wondering if you need to have everything out for closing.  Unless you have otherwise negotiated it, closing day also means moving day.  This causes you to need to coordinate a bit.  Moving always takes longer than you expect so start early.  Organize what you want to keep, donate or sell early then packing up will be easier.  You will need to have the moving van loaded up prior to the walk thru and the home broom swept. 

Should there be large items that you cannot sell or give away there are services that will come and pick up your items for free as donation items.  

Things you shouldn't pack

Now the next most common question is about the packing process.  What should you pack and what stays behind?  You will need to refer to your sales contract to see what items are to remain.  Usually anything attached stays unless it was excluded from the sale. You will also need to hand over the garage door remotes and all keys. If you have questions, give us a call.

Additional items that may be left are things that the new owner may find useful, such as paint to touch up already painted rooms or walls.  Additional flooring or hardware left over from installation should anything become damage through their years of living.  Also, any manuals and pamphlets to the appliances left in the home may be useful for the new owners. 

Final Walk Thru

You're packed and ready to get to closing. Prior to closing, there will be a walk through with the buyer’s agent and the buyers to ensure that they are taking the property per the agreement. They will be looking to see that the items included in the sale are still there and that the home is in the condition that they purchased it. Our suggestion is that it is best to leave the property as you would want to receive it.