Improvements to Sell for The Most Money 

If you are like most homeowners, you want to sell for the most money. Prior to selling it is a great time to look at that honey do list to make sure you sell for top dollar. Before you start making decisions on the kitchen improvements, look at what other homes have done to update that are for sale in your community. You will want to make sure that you have not under or over improved your kitchen to maximize your ROI.

Kitchen Improvements for Highest ROI 

1. If you have an outdated kitchen and everyone for sale has renovated, buyers are going to offer you a lot less. It might make sense to do a kitchen renovation or reface the kitchen. Be very careful to pick the cabinet selection that will appeal to the most number of buyers. Don’t go too trendy. Also be aware of spending too much. If you spend too much, you will lose money on the renovation.

2. Skip a partial improvement when a total renovation is needed. One of the biggest waste of money we see is when someone puts new countertops on when the cabinets need to be replaced too. The granite or quartz upgrade becomes a waste.

3. Take a look at your appliances. Do they need to be replaced? Stainless steel is almost always the best choice. If the space allows, look at a French door style refrigerator.

4. Consider quartz countertops as they are a popular option. If you’re buying granite or quartz, visit a granite yard to hand pick your new countertop. Just don’t go too personal on the selection.

5. Look at inexpensive ways to modernize without spending a lot of money. New handles and pulls or a new light fixture can update many kitchens.

6. A clean and yummy smelling kitchen is a great positive to a buyer. And of course this costs almost nothing.