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Are you wondering how a Pre-List Appraisal will get you the most money for your Palm Beach Home

Now that you are thinking of selling, the next natural thought is how do I get sold for the most money.  That is always our thought for our Palm Beach sellers too.  In fact, in the current seller's market, having a clear plan to get our sellers the most money a buyer will pay for your home is critical.  It is the difference between just sold and sold for the most money.  Here a few reasons to consider a Pre-list appraisal:

  1. If you are thinking of selling your home and it is likely that the buyer will need a mortgage, it is important to know what the home will likely appraise for so we can deal with issues up front.
  2. If your home is special with a lot of custom features or upgrades, the appraiser will be able to deal with the needed adjustments so you don’t get cheated on any of your hard work.   It is important to Our pre-list appraiser deals with what is the most that the bank will appraise it for with your condition in mind.
  3. When we have a buyer interested, they will be able to see the appraised value.  So it is not your opinion, your agents opinion or or the buyer's opinion.  The appraiser is an independent opinion.  Homes that we have sold with appraisers, have sold for market value.  That really is top market value.  That is what every sellers wants of course.
  4. One of the best reasons to do a pre-list appraisal is that if the buyer is getting a mortgage, the appraisal will be shared with the appraiser for the loan.  It will help if the appraiser is not that familiar with the area which sadly happens often currently.

We want to make sure that your home sells for the most money and to be able to get to the closing table.  This is an important step If you want the most money for your home a pre-list appraisal is the first step to getting you closed.  Your top Palm Beach real estate agents, Treu Group Real Estate has a proven process and we want to help you so call us today.

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