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Formula For Selling Your Home

There is a formula for selling your Palm Beach home just like a good recipe. Knowing the formula and being able to execute it perfectly means that sellers are able to see their homes for the most money that the market will allow. When selling, most homeowners want the same thing:  To sell their home for the most money, in the fastest amount of time with the least amount of inconvenience.

When it comes time to place your home, townhome, or condo on the market, you will have many decisions to make. It has often been said that selling a home is one of life's more stressful times.  We understand that and we are here to help make the home selling process easier on you. It takes 10,000 hours to master anything, and selling real estate is the same too. Each member of Treu Group Real Estate has reached a level of mastery which allows us to get the results that our clients deserve. You have questions and we have real estate answers

When you are thinking of selling, who you hire matters.  Having a real estate agent on your side that understands the current real estate market, how to attract the right buyers and offers Exclusive marketing will allow your home to sell for the most money. Treu Group Real Estate is committed to bringing you the best service and marketing in South Florida. 

What does committed mean to Treu Group Real Estate? Committed means that there is nothing we won't say, nothing we won't do and nowhere we won't go to help our clients achieve their goals. Nothing. 

Palm Beach Home Selling Tools and Resources

Your Home Selling Resource

To make your home selling real estate transaction as smooth as possible, you'll need the services of a real estate expert, who is different from the typical real estate agent. Your team includes a marketing team, closing team and team of the best agents in South Florida.

Your Neighborhood Sold Report

This website is provided to South Florida home sellers to help deliver useful tools and resources so you'll be a smarter home seller. It makes no difference if you're selling your first home or your fifth, it's always a good idea to brush up on the finer points of the real estate transaction process.

Treu Group Real Estate has sold homes in almost every community in Palm Beach and Martin County.  We can also help you in Broward County. Here are a few examples of sales in Palm Beach and Martin County.  See the Sold Report. Be sure to contact us now to receive this valuable information regarding the sales of other homes in your neighborhood!

Are you ready to discuss how Treu Group Real Estate can help you?  Call us at 561-352-3056 or complete the form below.  


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Treu Group Real Estate's Story | Palm Beach Real Estate
Our business is not about real estate. It is what we do however it is not who we are or why we are in business. Who we are and why we do what we do comes from my desire to create opportunities for clients and team members. Opportunities to help them achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality.
Your Agent Matters When You Are Ready To Sell
Are you thinking of selling your home? Your agent matters. The Treu Group shares how the experience will be when you hire The Treu Group to help you when you need to buy or sell. Who you hire matters. Whether you are buying or selling in Palm Beach County or Martin County, The Treu Group is here to help you. Your Palm Beach County Real Estate Agents and Martin County Real Estate Agents have the innovative marketing for your Luxury home, Equity home or a division to help you avoid foreclosure.
The Experience With Treu Group Real Estate
Are you thinking of buying or selling a home? Aren't all agents the same? Watch this video to discover the little extras that you experience with Treu Group Real Estate. Would you prefer a muffin or a cupcake? The muffin represents what most agents do to sell your home. Treu Group Real Estate is more like a cupcake. How? When you work with us, you get frosting and sprinkles, such as selling for over asking price.
How Does Zillow Impact Me?
Does Zillow Hurt Your Chances of Buying or Selling? Zillow, Trulia, and are very popular websites for people buying a home or selling a home. Browsing online sites for real estate can be a challenge, especially when using Zillow, Trulia and That dream home on Zillow is often sold before you can even make an offer! If you’re looking for real estate in Florida, Treu Group Real Estate has a different real estate solution for you. Treu Group has a team of agents you can trust, and ou
Tips to Sell Your Home for the Most Money
I Inherited a Property? Now What?
One of the most stressful times is when a loved one passes away. When you have assets to sell, it gets more complicated. There are many challenges that the personal representative and heirs face. Lisa Treu and Brian Mudd discuss the top challenges and the solutions that Treu Group Real Estate can offer when you need to sell Mom or Dad's home (or anyone else's home). Top Challenges that could happen when there is an estate to deal with. 1. Dealing with the emotions while you are making financial decision
Tips on Making Small Changes that Make a Big Impact | Palm Beach Real Estate
Lisa Treu, Top Real Estate Agent shares with Brian Mudd the small changes that can make the biggest impact to the equity in your home. When making updates and improvements it is important to make the right choices if selling for the most money is important. Some of the best roi is staging, paint, kitchen updates, bath updates and de-cluttering. The tips can help you decide what renovations are right for your home.
Winning when Buying or Selling a home
Being successful in this real estate market is simple in theory, but much harder in practice. I sat down recently with Matt Weaver to discuss the current state of our market and the strategies that we’re using to find success. In this wide-ranging discussion, we talked about how to win in multiple offer situations, how to win against cash buyers, and much more.
Building Equity Faster
83% of retirees wealth is from the equity in their home. Your trusted real estate agents are here to help you have the information to build it faster. Visit your equity each month by going to
Saving Money On Your Home
Lisa Treu shares her insights about useful and effective tips that will surely help homeowners save more money on their home. These tips include making an extra payment a year on their existing mortgage, running their sprinkler off of a lake, and planning in creating their landscape for shade and natural lighting.
ROI with Home Improvements
561-352-3056 Lisa Treu, top real estate agent and Brian Mudd, WJNO talked about the formula to getting the property sold. Right price, appropriate condition, and perfect marketing are some of the important factors in selling. Also, know some of the improvements to make for the property that can really make it sell faster for the most money.
Three Ways To Sell A Home
The Treu Group has three very distinct ways in which they can assist sellers to sell faster for the most money based upon their goals.
Is It Still A Sellers' Market?
Is it still a sellers market? The answer is yes! The market frenzy has slowed down, multiple offers today are 2, 3, and 4 offers. We have been looking at the trends in the market and know how to adapt to them!
Overpricing Your Home is a Mistake!
Sellers always want to maximize their sale price but sometimes they tend to overshoot. Things have changed in the market. We are in a seller's market where frenzy market has slowed down. Overpricing is a common error that can cause your house to just sit on the market. Watch and know what it means to price your home right!
Formula for Selling your Home
If you're thinking of selling your home, there is still a demand for homes for sale in the market. The real estate market has been changing due to rising interest rates, and Palm Beach County is still in a seller's market with 2.7 months of inventory. Lisa Treu and Sean Hannity of The Sean Hannity Show discuss how sellers that missed the formula often end up not selling or selling for thousands of dollars less. Watch more to know what you might be missing in selling your home.
What options does Treu Group have for Sellers?
Have you wondered what options do we have available for sellers that other agents do not? We have many ways of assisting our clients. We have options that focus on our client's goals and we can guarantee that your home will sell. We have been in the industry since 1989 and we know how to turn a challenge into an opportunity. We know the right formula and we are updated on the ever-changing market trend. Our marketing and negotiating strategies have made more money in our client's pockets. So if you're pl
Selling and Moving to get top $ from your Home
If you're still in the bubble about whether you should sell your home, NOW is the right time to sell. Putting your home on the market right now is the best way to get top $ for your home while there is still a demand for homes for sale. Waiting can actually cost you thousands of dollars. So if you want to move right now and you're planning to sell your house, there is no reason to wait!
What to Expect in Today's Market when Selling
Have you been thinking if your house can still get offers? Last year, 60% of homes for sale got says they had multiple offers. In today's market where frenzy market has cooled down due to the rise in inflation, 42% of single-family homes for sale are still getting many offers. With the right formula for selling, your house can still get multiple offers and get the most $ out of it.
NOW is the right time to sell!
Lisa Treu and Sean Hannity from The Sean Hannity Show discuss the right time to sell your house. Time is not our friend when it comes to selling real estate in today's market. People who are planning to sell in a year or two should start planning on how they could increase their chances of winning in the changing real estate market. If you want to sell for the most money, we should start connecting now!
Real Estate Market Update
What is going on in the real estate market? Sellers before had experienced the frenzy market where they received multiple offers due to the shortage of inventory. The real estate market today is rapidly changing. It slowed down due to the rising interest rates but there are still opportunities in the market with the correct strategies. Watch Lisa Treu discuss the latest real estate data to help you make decisions for yourself.
Buying and Selling during Holiday Season
The housing market has started to feel the Holiday Season. Prices are slowing down and inventory has increased by 94% from last year. But it is still a good time to buy and sell. Lisa Treu and Brian Mudd discuss the opportunities for buyers and sellers during the Holiday Season. Watch more to know what's in store for you today!