Three Ways to Help You Sell Your Home

When selling, the common thought is that everybody wants the most money and yet, that is not always the priority for every single seller. So the Treu Group has created three custom programs out there depending on the client's goals, not what we think they should do, but what they need. Whether it's a corporate move or maybe it's a divorce, maybe they inherited the property as an estate and we just want to be that resource for them. These three programs, there is something for everyone and everyone's goals here in South Florida. 

The Treu Group has three very distinct ways in which you can assist sellers to sell faster for the most money based upon what they would like to see achieved and how they'd like to go about it.

Three Ways To Sell a Home

  1. The Traditional Seller

    The traditional seller is the one that top dollar is the most important. They have a timeline, but they're flexible and they really care about putting the most money in their pocket.
    For the traditional seller, we have our aggressive marketing program that allows both local, northeast and international buyers to see the property where we market it to the marketplace and the goal is to get the most money possible.

    Most people are going to select that option and yet it is not for everyone. Again, some people just say “I can't wait it out” or a different reason. The marketing's on point and we work together as a team to get them top dollar.

    Maximum marketing, maximum exposure, more flexibility on time and it's about getting the number more so than some of the other considerations. 

  2. The Guaranteed Sale

    The guaranteed sale is for those people that need the assurance that their home is going to be sold. Price is not the most important thing, though it’s still important, it really is about perfecting the formula. When the formula is perfect, results come. Appraisals, pre-lists, inspections, making sure the property is staged properly.

    This is prime marketing. The seller will have every marketing exposure but everything in the formula, nothing is left to ‘chance’. It’s 100% going to have everything situated so that we know that the property will sell.

    In the event that the property is not sold, the Treu Group will buy it. It's a great program, a great option that is maybe best for somebody who is selling to go build new construction and they need a contract in order to continue. This is not for everybody. However, for those that need that absolute surety that their home is sold by a certain date, it is absolutely a great option and because we're doing all the right things, the goal is that we’re going to sell it. It's priced right,  the marketing's in place to get the results.

  3. Instant Offer

    Instant offer programs are for those people where convenience is the most important factor. No repairs, no inconvenience with showings, need to be sold quickly.

    There have been programs out there for a long time that promote this. The reality is, what they offer is usually less than what even an instant offer value is.

    So the instant offer program is perfect for our clients that maybe are going through a divorce where we're not putting it on the market, we're not showing it, but they're getting a contract and a date to close. It's convenient for them.

    One of the things is we can give them longer because many times it's not about just the fastest sale. Sometimes they just need more time. It is all about the seller’s goals, what they need, and then structuring it in a way that helps them achieve their goals. The demand and a lot of companies are coming in offering this and when you see the fees that they are charging people, the numbers are unbelievable. It costs to do a lot of the national instant offers, sometimes it would go to a whopping 20%.

    The Treu Group wants to help South Florida residents with an option that gives them their goal without charging them absorbent fees.

    This is for people that have homes that need a substantial amount of major work, like a new roof. Not just cosmetic, but things that would really cause buyers to not be able to close on it because of the condition. These types of situations are best for the instant offer program and it will close quickly. It can also be a little longer depending on the goal. Everybody assumes somebody wants an offer right now. They do want the offer and want to know what they're going to get for it, but they may not want to close in two weeks. They may want to close in two months or three months in order to allow for what’s going on in their life to be addressed.

    That convenience is more important than money. We care about the money but sometimes it's a matter of what our priority is. We've even bought properties where they left everything and we've cleaned everything out for them. Divorce clients are really appreciating the instant offer and it's just another option for our clients to have their real estate needs taken care of.

The Treu Group’s value of the service provides support in any type of selling situation. We can help provide the best possible solution from maximum marketing, to the guaranteed sale, and instant offer. The Treu Group is ready to help you. 

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