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Using an Area Agent to Sell Your Home vs Treu Group

If you are thinking of selling your home, you may be thinking of using the area agent to sell your home.  If you have a neighbor that has a real estate license, this might be a natural thought of who you should hire.  In fact, everyone knows a real estate agent or two.  Loyalty is a great thing and yet a lot of our clients realize that the first loyalty that they have is to themselves.  So before you sign a long term contract, consider if your real estate agent can assist you to get your home sold for the most money.  I have shared with you thoughts on using an area agent to sell your home vs The Treu Group.

So why does Treu Group Real Estate get the amazing results for sellers?  It starts with an innovative marketing plan, in fact there are 4 Exclusive Marketing Plans.  We understand how to find the buyer for your home and we will not stop until your home is sold.  Do you care about a home being sold in your area or YOUR home being sold?  That is the reason that Palm Beach County sellers choose your Palm Beach County real estate agents.  You deserve a sold sign and we are dedicated to help you.

So what does the marketing plan look like?  Well there are 4 different marketing plans.  The first thing we will do is analyze your situation and discuss which plan is ideal for you.  Some of the innovative marketing items include radio, video, international marketing and a over 1300 active buyers.  Is one of them the ideal buyer for your home?

If you are considering using an area agent to sell your home, interview that person and ask how they will sell your home.  Then, interview The Treu Group.  If our marketing plan doesn't blow you away, then go ahead and use the area agent.  We are confident that we have the most innovative marketing plan period.  So go ahead and call 561-352-3056.